Late Mrs. Sofia Ohaekelem: Police Exonerates Husband; Conclude Investigation Into Her Death

……As Vintage Cafe Manager, others at large

The Nigeria Police has concluded the investigation into the death of an Abuja-based American businesswoman, Mrs. Sofia Ohaekelem who died on September 10th, 2021. Based on a well-organized plan to hang the death of the businesswoman on the husband, a petition was written by one Mr. Cyprian Egbe who barely know the businesswoman however was conscripted into the plan by Mr. Patrick Oppah to the Inspector-General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba to investigate the cause of death as the husband was accused of domestic violence and possible poisoning of the US citizen.

Our investigation and contact to the police highest command, who preferred not to be quoted, revealed that the husband was an innocent victim of a criminal gang-up, masterminded by the deceased’s Manager at her café (Vintage Cafe) located at Adzope Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja Mr. Ayodele Justin Baide and one Mr. Patrick Oppah a claimed business associate to the decease (both currently at large) with others to hijack her business which was seen as the next most lucrative venture in Abuja, from greed and desperation.

The husband, who out of trust, paid little attention to the business and was focused on his other businesses was seen as an obstacle to their evil intentions.

The certified true copy of the police report into the matter which was made available to us copied to the American embassy, Interpol, IGP and Department of Public Prosecution, DPP, showed, after autopsy that Mrs. Sofia Ohaekelem died as a result of (1) Peritonitis (2) Gangrenous intestine (3) Extensive adhesion bands (intestinal obstruction) complications.

When our team contacted the Husband of late Mrs. Sophia Ohaekelem, Prince Odinaka Hyginus Ohaekelem, he painfully revealed the extent that one of the conspirators, Mr. Patrick Oppah now at large whom the wife introduced as a business associate used the wife of a current Minister to deceive his wife into some wide guess business ventures but with the ulterior motive to take over her successful Café business in which the Manager Mr. Ayodele Justin Baidi was offered a stake.

He showed us his wife’s laptop, where all vital information had deleted including the office computer and phones by Mr. Ayodele Justin Baidi to cover their tracks.

Also, all monetary/cash transactions, vital documents belonging to the Café was carted away, formal employees of Mrs. Sofia Ohaekelem were shocked at the lies Mr. Baidi told them about the husband while planning and executing all the evil agendas with Mr. Patrick Oppah, who according to them, was surviving on late Mrs. Sofia Ohaekelem.

Meanwhile, the police conclusion to the report as signed by CSP Sherifat Olufowobi O/C Homicide D2, further revealed no evidence of Poisoning, Assault, Domestic Violence and Abused as being alleged by the accusers of Prince Odinaka H.Ohaekelem the husband. The command is now waiting for the recommendation of the DPP to know the next line of action to take on the matter

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