Looting: Osun State Govt Condemns Attempt to Shift Blame on DSS, Police

The Osun State Government has condemned any attempt to shift the blame for the looting of the Deputy Governor’s residence on the DSS or the police.

According to a press release signed by the Osun State Governor spokesperson, Mallam Olawale Rasheed, he saw a few days after Mr. Ismail Omipidan’s boss, Funke Egbemode admitted that looting took place under the Oyetola administration, it is sad that attempts are being made to shift the blame on the Department of State Security Service and the police service.

Three high-ranking officials of the past administration have spoken on the looting and it was clear that two of them, Sunday Akere and Mrs. Egbemode admitted to the looting because they are fed up with propaganda and lying to the public. The third one in his usual deceitful manner almost a week after came up with cock and bull story, maligning the DSS and the Police.

Mr. Ismail Omipidan

The latest propaganda attempt is an afterthought of a robber caught in the act by people of Osun people, the real owners of the assets. The video evidence is everywhere and history was recorded against a team that proved in every sense to be anti-people.

It is utterly wicked on the part of Omipidan to attempt to shift the looting on innocent security agencies that he claimed Oyetola handed over the assets that were looted bare.

It was even an aberration in a democratic clime that an outgoing government would claim to hand over to security agencies instead of the incoming administration. Omipidan afterthought denial is shameful, to say the least.

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