Man Confesses How Popular Benue Senator Used Him To ‘Attack’ Opponents In 2019

A social media influencer, Cletus Emoche Agada, has recounted how a sitting senator from Benue State used him to attacked his opponents on social media during the 2019 elections.

From the open letter he wrote to the Senator, it appeared their relationship has gone sour, as he claimed in the letter that the senator was now treating him as an “outsider” because of his “support” for a House of Representatives Member from Benue South, Hon. Francis Ottah Agbo.

He said he had tried to reconcile the senator and the Reps member but the Senator was “playing god”.

According to the aggrieved blogger, he had decided to support the Senator’s opponent, Hon. Hassan Saleh in the 2023 Senatorial election because the Senator did not “appreciate” him.

Agada also stated in his letter, which he personally shared amongst his friends and colleagues, that the Senator was after his life, due to his current romance with Hon. Saleh, who is also an aspirant for the senatorial seat.

The letter reads: “It pains me to write you in this manner and it is due to your undistinguished behavior at the Enone Caucus meeting of today.

“It was my personal decision to support Rt. Hon Hassan Saleh because you decided to treat me as an outsider in your house due to my support for Hon. Francis Ottah Agbo.

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I went the extra mile to reconcile you with Ottah but you were playing god.

“Whatever I’m doing for Hassan Saleh today, I did 10 times more for you which you never appreciated. I know of people who have paid jobs and are comfortable but still earn stipends from your office for doing nothing but you’ve never considered me for such a privilege, yet, I never complained nor stop supporting you.

“I was your last line of defense from the days of the campaign even when I never earned anything from you and those pseudo accounts on Facebook knows this for a fact. They rejoiced to know I left.

“If what I’m doing for Hassan Saleh today gets into your nose, know that it’s nothing compared to what your opponents in Joe Ojobo and Chief Lawani went through in my hand.

“I have a grateful heart and for the least of things you did for me from a clear mind, I appreciated and never brought any pressure on you.

“You owe me nothing and I’m not indebted to you in anyway either.
I’ve carried out my job with Hassan with the highest level of consciousness in other not to offend you but it seems I can’t please you.

“I recall writing to you in 2019 about Hon. James Uloko when it was rumoured that you were doing overtime to replace him with Aida Nath as an adviser nominee. I remember linking you with Manex and Queen Success (Onyeche) which is the beginning of the better relationship you have with them today. I remember coming to inform you about Hon. Ebije when he was using his personal money to construct road to Otto and it brought you closer to him. I remember doing everything possible to convince Patrick Idoko and Peter Enemari that you were better than the person painted by your opponents and when your daughter was getting married and they brought 2 cows to your house that you couldn’t even acknowledge or appreciate with an ordinary text message, I kept pressing to unite them with you. Just recently, I remember how I tried to bring Owie Zenith to meet you which never worked and how I straightened the path between you and Sylvanus Itodo.

“If I’m not with you today, I can look back and see the seeds I sowed in your house and they are currently bearing good fruits.

“In January 2019 before the commencement of the campaign, I was the first person that hosted you in Ogbadibo when I brought you to commission the Hotel I leased. I drove from Otukpa to Otukpo everyday and back without collecting a single penny as allowance from the campaign directorate.

“From Joe Ojobo’s pre-election case at the High Court, I drove to Makurdi at every sitting to report your side of the story without anyone subsidizing my expenses. It was Solo Onah that usually buy us lunch at Stomach Paradise after every sitting and that’s the much I got but I was never weary.

The likes of Hyacinth Ujor can tell how I drove them to Makurdi and back on regular basis.

“When the election were over and the case moved to the tribunal, I never missed any sitting from the day Young Alhaji withdrew his petition.

“Sir, as a senator, it wouldn’t have been out of place to consider me for slots when you carry out empowerment programs in the constituency, most especially when there would be nominees from Ogbadibo. I’ve seen where you’ve distributed laptops, sewing machines, COVID-19 loans and others. It’s only you that knows how you generate your lists as most of us that worked for you have never been considered for any of such things and if others do, I’ve never benefitted from the least of this things.

“I made many enemies defending you and your interest and you know this. I took on Vincent Okoko Odoh without prompting when he came after you at a time you were out of the country. When he attacked you the second time, I remember you wanted to go fight it out with him in Court, I opposed that and went after him again.

At the burial of John Ngbede’s brother at Agatu in 2020, Ene Yusuf had to mediate between me and Che Rex when he arranged for me to be attacked because I was the only person defending Amina when everyone fought with Christie Ekoja or remain silent. Ask Amina, has she ever given me a Kobo in the whole time she has known me?

“I wrote all these to let you know that in my little way, I contributed my quota to your success in the last 3 years.

Time Will fail me to start talking about Adakole Elijah when he and Ada Mark Ogbole were dragging you on social media at the time you constituted the Benue South Security and Economic Summit Group which never saw the light of the day due to the outbreak of COVID 19.

“Let me say that I envy no one and I’m contented with whatever I have even though my young family has stretched me to the limit.

“I don’t know what anyone told you about my family which you mentioned today but I’m glad to inform you that I’m from the Anyeberi family in Efugo and apart from the Ipari people, we’re the most successful family in Otukpa and you can ask. We’ve had members of the family with mental challenge due to polar gene but it’s now thing of the past.

“Thuggery, criminality and violence is not in my family and when you said “you will get your boys to deal with me” it’s because violence runs in your veins.

“If I’m to be killed for what I do, your opponents would have killed me before now because I stood for you even when it was difficult to do so in Ogbadibo.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that you are one of the best servants Idoma Land ever produced but have failed to improve on your Leadership skills and following you is a road to nowhere.

“It’s God that gives power and if it is the will of God for you to return to the Senate, I wish you well but since I gained nothing working for you, I would have lost nothing not working for you.

“I’ll continue with what I do in the most professional way and when you send your boys to kill me, may you inherit the earth.”