May Day: DG NEMA Stresses The Need For A Rekindled Promise To Save Lives And Give Hope To The Distressed

Director General of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) Zubaida Umar has called on the members of staff of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to renew their commitment to meeting up with the noble responsibility of saving lives, giving hope to the distressed and supporting the Federal Government of Nigeria and indeed all tiers of governments to a build safer, dignified, more secured and resilient Nigeria.

In her speech to mark May Day also known as Workers Day, the DG further said that May Day is a day exclusively set aside by the comity of nations including Nigeria to honour the working class and commemorate their struggles for fair wages and working conditions.

“It is a moment of celebrating the dignity of labour while emphasizing the importance of renewing commitment to social justice.

“For us working in disaster management and relief operations to save lives, the job is becoming more complex and challenging with protracted, cyclical and emerging disasters in Nigeria just as obtained across the world, Umar said.

She concluded by saying by assuring the NEMA staff of the sincere commitment of the management of NEMA towards the improvement of the welfare, safety and dignity of all staff as they make great sacrifices in the line of duty to save lives and restore normalcy even under the most extreme and uncertain conditions.

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