Minister Of State, Senior Police Officers Attends 130th IACP Convention In San Diego

Nigeria delegation led by the Minister of State, Police Affairs, Hajia Imman Sulaiman-Ibrahim, DIG DFI, Habu Sani, CP Stanley Udeh, Desk officer IACP, DC Ops Oyo, Akin Adejobi, and other senior officers from Nigeria attended the opening ceremony of the 130th Annual Convention and Expo, held at the San Diego Convention Centre, San Diego, Califonia, USA on Saturday, 14th Oct 2023.

The Convention hosts about 18,000 participants, who are Police officers and law enforcement agents across the world.

According to Force spokesperson, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, who is also attending the convention, said that the Nigeria Police Force has a very large number of officers as members of the association. The Convention will last till 17th Oct 2023, with the elections of top IACP officials, which come up on Monday 16th Oct 2023 after the General Assembly. We will be updating as events unfold.

This year marks IACP’s 130th anniversary and 18,000 law enforcement leaders made the trip to San Diego to celebrate the milestone.

Attracting attendees from across the nation and around the globe, the IACP annual conference is a must-attend event to track the latest developments advancing policing.

During the conference’s opening ceremony, IACP President John Letteney’s message was clear about IACP’s mission: “While our meetings have changed over 130 years, our mission is unchanged to advocate advances in the law enforcement profession.”

The opening ceremony featured several guest speakers among who is San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria who warmly welcomed the attendees, acknowledging their role in upholding public safety and the shared values that bind communities together. He acknowledged the city’s reputation as one of America’s safest major cities, attributing this achievement to the tireless efforts of the police department and its leadership.

Interpol’s current Secretary General Jürgen Stock addressed the audience, recalling his first attendance at IACP in 2016, and emphasizing the shared purpose that unites law enforcement professionals. He highlighted the evolving landscape of global policing, emphasizing the need for adaptability, responsiveness, and effective collaboration to address contemporary challenges. Stock emphasized Interpol’s century-long commitment to fostering partnerships across borders, enabling the flow of crucial information to solve cases.

He cited an example of a significant arrest of a key migrant smuggler in Brazil, illustrating the extensive international cooperation involved in the two-year investigation. Stock noted that this case is just one among many, reflecting the growing trend of transnational crime, which has become more diversified, globalized, and collaborative. He warned about the emergence of deep fakes as a powerful tool for online extortion, emphasizing that this threat isn’t limited to technologically advanced countries.

Stock pointed out recent global efforts against cyber fraud, involving coordinated action with 20 countries across multiple continents, revealing the pervasive reach of organized crime groups. He stressed that these cases are likely just the tip of the iceberg, with many more such groups and networks operating globally.

Stock concluded with three key messages for police leaders: a call for a change in mindset, the importance of operational adaptability, and the imperative to stay ahead of technological advancements to effectively combat modern threats and leverage emerging opportunities in law enforcement. He urged agencies to utilize Interpol’s resources and network to enhance their capabilities in this dynamic landscape.