Naval Investigation Clears Tantita Personnel

Tantita’s personnel have been exonerated following a comprehensive investigation by the Nigerian Navy. The inquiry unveiled a revelation that the suspects were innocent all along.

Initially handed over to the police by the Navy, the suspects were released when it became abundantly clear during the investigation that their arrest had been a “mistake.” The Naval authorities, upon further scrutiny, convinced their police counterparts to free the individuals due to a “want of satisfactory evidence to prosecute them.”

Reliable sources within TANTITA confirmed the release of its employees, identified as Asonja Goddey (28), Obajimi Oluwaseyifunmi (38), Awoowo Aribo (35), and Oluwadaisi Balogun (40), to newsmen on Saturday. This development has unequivocally vindicated their employers.

Tantita had vehemently asserted the innocence of its personnel from the outset, contending that they were on a mission to apprehend oil thieves when they were unjustly detained by Naval personnel attached to the Nigerian Navy Ship, NNS Beecroft.

The management of Tantita decried the incident as “unjustifiable, unwarranted, and provocative.” They protested vehemently, demanding the immediate release of their employees.

In response to the release of Tantita’s personnel, a spokesperson for the company stated, “Our personnel, who were unlawfully arrested for trumped-up allegations of illegal oil theft along Lagos waterways, have been freed and released to reunite with us. The Navy, upon the outcome of thorough investigations, directed the Police to release them. As Tantita stated initially, our men were on legitimate duties when they were unlawfully arrested.”

“We are happy that common sense eventually prevailed and our men were left off the hook. This gesture by the Navy will foster and engender a good working relationship to pursue common goals of eradicating crude oil theft and pipeline vandalism.”

The source from Tantita, who requested anonymity, added, “TANTITA and the Navy are now partners in progress, and henceforth, we will operate in synergy to turn the heat on illegal oil operators in every part of the oil-producing areas and creeks of the Niger Delta region.”

It is worth noting that the Nigerian Navy had previously claimed on April 29th that it had arrested four operatives of TSSNL at New Ikotun Community, Lekki, Lagos, for attempted oil theft.