August 17, 2022

NDPB Investigates Breach of Citizens’ Data Privacy in Organ Transplant Case

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The National Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer, Nigeria Data Protection Bureau, Dr. Vincent Olatunji, has ordered an investigation into the use and public circulation of the personal data allegedly belonging to Nwamini David and Sonia Ekweremadu in the ongoing case of organ transplant pending before a British Court.

According to a press release signed by Legal, Enforcement and Regulations Lead, NDPB, Babatunde Bamigboye Esq., CDPRP, he said that the Bureau notes with concern that certain sensitive personal data purportedly belonging to the two Nigerian citizens (complainant and patient) in this case are being processed by data controllers – particularly media organization – without regard to the implications under the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) 2019.

NDPR prohibits the processing of personal data without informed consent or other lawful bases known to law. Accordingly, all data controllers and all persons are hereby warned of the consequences of using anyone’s data in violation of NDPR.

The Bureau recognizes the vital role of media organizations in educating the general public. In carrying out this important assignment, however, it is obligatory to respect the boundaries of citizens’ privacy.

The Bureau has set machinery in motion to cooperate with other public institutions within and outside Nigeria in order to ensure transparency and accountability in the instant case.

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