NGO Echoes Praises To Sponsors As They End The Year With Award Night

A non-governmental organization, The Super Achiever Foundation, extends its heartfelt gratitude to all its supporters as they culminate the year with a grand award night.

The foundation is renowned for its capacity development activities, having empowered over 200 members within the state alone.

In a press release, the lead coach, Tolu Adebayo, on behalf of the state coordinator, expressed their elation at the foundation’s remarkable achievements. He stated, “This year has been our most productive yet. We have trained and empowered more individuals than we have in the past three years combined.”

The foundation has embarked on a mission to visit several schools across Minna, imparting life-changing knowledge to young people on effective study techniques, career path selection, and motivation through awards and recognition.

In a statement made available by the lead coach, he addressed the unfounded rumors of political affiliation, emphasizing, “We are not a political organization. We have no connections with individuals in government beyond shared purposes. We are determined to remain focused on our core mission. Nigeria already has an abundance of political bodies. Our primary objective is capacity development, and we are deeply grateful to our sponsors for their unwavering support.”

The foundation presented the Best Resorts Award to Bilkebab Chops and Coffee, eliciting joyous cheers from their staff. The organization is widely recognized for its philanthropic endeavors. Super Achiever Foundation commended their significant contributions to the hospitality industry in Niger State.

Premium Towers International School once again reaffirmed its position as a beacon of excellence, earning the title of Outstanding School of the Year. Super Achiever Foundation acknowledged their outstanding contributions to the academic sector, as two of their pupils received prestigious awards.

The award night culminated in the recognition of Royal Events System as the best event organization and their MD as Mrs. Women Empowerment.

Super Achiever Foundation, through its social responsibility initiatives, inspires young people to strive for greatness, encourages organizations to excel, and empowers individuals with a thirst for knowledge to achieve their full potential.