Nigeria @60; Progressive Ambassadors Of Nigeria Congratulates President Buhari, Nigerians

calls for immediate evacuation of frustrated and stranded Nigerian Traders in Ghana.

Ahead of the celebration of Nigeria’s 60th Independence Anniversary on October 1st 2020, the Progressive Ambassadors of Nigeria (PAN) haa congratulated the President, Government and fellow citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for attaining this historic milestone as a Country.

In a press release signed by the Progressive Ambassadors of Nigeria National Director, Media, Emmanuel Imevbore Ohiomokhare, he said that Nigeria has come this far despite the country’s diversity and attained this feat with the sacrifices of heroes and heroines of Nigeria to keep our nation as one and our people unified.

He further said that the country mark this epic year, the Progressive Ambassadors of Nigeria passionately appeals to His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, to as matter of national importance and urgency; using the powers of Special Presidential gestures to Nigerians in the Diaspora, who are also marking the Anniversary celebrations, consider the immediate evacuation of frustrated and stranded Nigerian Traders in Ghana whose businesses were recently clamped down by the host government.

“This appeal has become increasingly necessary following the rising cases of frustrations, biting hunger and impoverishment, sad feelings of grave abandonment and conflicting reports of attempted suicides by several victims some of whom are being threatened by their landlords; having lost their means of livelihood. As we speak, several families are now begging to feed with no form of palliatives or financial assistance; and sick children are unable to access medical treatment.

“The Progressive Ambassadors of Nigeria is greatly disturbed by this development which has the potential for unlawful resorts to either self-help or recourse to unpatriotic lifestyles capable of tarnishing the good image of our Country.

“This passionate appeal to Mr. President is equally reinforced by the conclusive fact that the issue of the Ghana Investment Promotion Act (865) under which premise our law-abiding compatriots in Ghana were, and are being subjected to several xenophobic and dehumanizing conditions and treated as slaves; is by all evidence and manifest just a cover to sack Nigerians in Ghana. It is no longer news that as things stand today from clear body language of the Ghanaian government that Ghana no longer want Nigerians in their Country.

“Having been working closely with the Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, towards finding a lasting solution to this lingering impasse, the Progressive Ambassadors of Nigeria is disappointed that all diplomatic measures taken so far with respect to this matter have not yielded the desired results. However, the Progressive Ambassadors of Nigeria believes that while the diplomatic engagements continue, the immediate evacuation of these victims from Ghana remains the best and most appropriate nationalistic step to take at this material moment.

“In conclusion, the Progressive Ambassadors of Nigeria hereby reiterates her expectations of Mr. President’s kind usual interventions and timely considerations and wishes him Happy 60th Independence Anniversary of Nigeria, the statement concluded.

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