Nigeria @62: Medicliq Provides Free Medical Checkup For IBB Golf Club Members

In commemoration of Nigeria’s 62nd Independence anniversary and the 82nd birthday of elder statesman and former military governor of Rivers State, Alfred Diete-Spiff, a healthcare technology organization, Medicliq Health Care has taken free medical services to members of IBB Golf Club in Abuja.

The group which deploys technology such as telemedicine, emotional intelligence, virtual consultations with doctors from across the globe, and others in administering to the health care needs of millions of people in Africa said it is poised to make access to decent medical care affordable and easy to everyone irrespective of age and status.

Speaking with newsmen at the weekend in Abuja, the CEO of Medicliq Health Care, Dr. Abubakar Ibrahim said the decision to choose the Golf Club, which he said is a game novel among senior citizens is borne out of the need to reach the elderly in its free medical campaign, stating that it is poised to touch the lives of more people with the right support from relevant agencies of government.

According to Dr. Ibrahim, similar outreach has taken place outreach in Jos, Kano, Port Harcourt and more cities across the federation, adding that the organization is in consultation with a lot of government agencies in its effort to make health care affordable and accessible to all Nigerians.

“We have several kinds of innovations that we are working on, currently we have a device which is like a mobile clinic that has everything, it is a boxthath that is mobile and can be taken to any rural community and can perform treatment care just from our box without going to a hospital.

“You have access to international doctors from that box, you can speak to a doctor across the world, it has internet access, it connects directly to the satellite, and we can reach any community wherever,” he said.

While noting that many Nigerians no longer pay attention to critical health concerns since post-COVID-19, Dr Ibrahim expressed optimism that this innovation will go a long way in providing answers to health issues such as depression, mental health, communicable diseases and others affecting individuals because of change of lifestyle.

“It is an innovation that can change all these, just the same way the mobile communication evolved, it is time we moved from mediocrity in health care to technology where we can now start saving lives.”

According to him, the reception has been impressive despite the little distraction associated with the charged political atmosphere ahead of Nigeria’s major election in 2023. He appealed to the government to activate relevant agencies to raise awareness about the decaying mental health care in the country.

In his comment, CEO Red Saphire M.r Ono Akpe while saying that Medicliq is spending a lot of money to sponsor the outreach noted that there were no religious and tribal sentiments in various states it has covered.

He said the mobile app introduced by the organization assists patients in having access to medical care irrespective of their location.

“We have a wonderful kit, a whole clinic on the g,o and that box is a magic box that can check you up for most general issues you would have including cardio, ECG, ear, nos,e and throat issues and amongst others.

“It can be used in any community, rural and urban to treat patients and all they need to do is to connect it to the satellite and you can get international doctors that will appear on the screen and consult with the patient directly, all you need to do is put up the box set it up and with the screen, you can be linked up to a doctor that has been programmed” he added.

Medicaid has other Medical Outreach programmes in Abuja planned for October to commemorate Nigeria’s 62 Independence anniversary.

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