Nigeria @63: Nothing To Celebrate, Only That We Still Hang Together As One Entity ~ Eze

Erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party (nPDP), Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze says after careful study of the past and present of developments in Nigeria he came to the conclusion that there is absolutely nothing to celebrate in the 63rd Independence Anniversary of Nigeria except the fact that the country still hangs together as one entity despite secessionist struggles by separatist fighters whose agitations threatens the very essence of our shared identity and the foundations of the Nigerian state.

I’m a statement made available to the media, Eze noted that acts of terrorism in different parts have held the country hostage, posing a grave threat to national security and compounding the woes of corruption and failed leadership which are obvious albatrosses constituting a clog on our wheel of progress.

According to the statement, Eze said “Congratulations are in order as Nigeria clocks 63. But if banal felicitations are rolled back, the only honest reason there for the celebration would be that the country is still hanging together as one entity; the celebration would definitely not be because the country has taken the necessary strides befitting her endowment after 63 years of hard trying.

Leadership, that ingredient so vital for the progressive navigation of statecraft has failed the country in a manner so grieving and multi-dimensional that average citizens now prefer to conscientiously submit to a life of slavery in foreign lands than die of hunger and deprivation on their own soil.

Institutional corruption perpetuated by powerful individuals in the pursuit of their selfish, private vendettas has brought us this low.

Let’s assume Nigeria to be a man at 63; he would be counting his blessings. But at 63, the country is still a toddler, tossed back and forth by sicknesses and diseases of infancy – bribery, endemic corruption, nepotism, poverty, and more, all of which are the very pernicious effects of poor leadership.

Democracy in Nigeria has remained a mountain of illusion, palpitating in the web of debacle.

Do we call it democracy where the will of the majority is made subject to the whims of the powerful few with very inordinate and self-serving ambitions?

Do we call it democracy where meritocracy has been sacrificed at the altar of mediocrity?

Is it a democracy where law promulgators are lawbreakers?

More worrisome is the corruption that has permeated our judicial system. Instead of operating to give hope to the common man, Nigeria’s judiciary has turned itself into a bastion of hope for the criminally corrupt sitting on the neck of the country; yes the judiciary seems to be the confidence of election thieves; validating the smelliest of electoral irregularities and illegalities.

Not only is Nigeria entangled in the throes of disputed elections, but the country is currently enmeshed in a global infamy of a stolen identity and certificate forgery. Had our judiciary been committed to manifestly doing justice, they would have saved the country from the mess. But our judges are much more committed to the wealth they would accumulate and the fame they would get if they do the bidding of the men in power.

Our problems as a country is multi-faceted but the Judiciary can help especially in correcting the errors of manipulated elections. And when that happens we should focus on building powerful institutions that can withstand the whims and influence of powerful men, if not the country and her people must target a revolution in whatever manner to restart and align the country on the path of development. It is good in so far as it is in the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians.”

Eze concluded by hoping that with prayers and resolve by the masses to be alert and elect credible leaders, the country can still achieve her vision to be a great nation in the near future

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