Nigeria Will Benefit From Tinubu’s Appointment As ECOWAS Chairman: Abdulhafiz Barau Umar

A renowned businessman, Abdulhafiz Umar Barau, has congratulated President Bola Tinubu on his election as chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Recall that President Tinubu was elected on Sunday at the group’s 63rd Ordinary Session of the Authority of Heads of State and Government of the Economic Community in Bissau, the Republic of Guinea-Bissau’s capital.

Abdulhafiz Umar Barau, a Diaspora businessman, commended the selection, stating that it was not just a big feat for the administration but for the nation as well.

“President Tinubu’s leadership skills, diplomatic finesse, and strategic vision make him an ideal candidate to steer ECOWAS toward achieving its ambitious objectives.

“President Tinubu’s appointment signifies Nigeria’s continued commitment to regional cooperation. As one of the largest economies and most populous countries in West Africa, Nigeria plays a pivotal role in the success of ECOWAS. By selecting President Tinubu, Nigeria showcases its dedication to fostering stronger ties with neighboring nations, promoting peace and security, and advancing regional economic cooperation.

“He stated in his inaugural address that he must concentrate on the continent’s and the region’s drive for prosperity. He discussed economic integration and commerce there, so I assume you are aware that I wouldn’t describe his work as routine. It’s a difficult task.

“In response to the African crisis, he announced in his inaugural speech—and he has since repeated it—that he will fight for the survival and consolidation of democracy on the continent.

“With President Tinubu at the helm of ECOWAS, we can expect enhanced regional cooperation, greater economic integration, and improved prospects for peace and development across West Africa. His appointment as Chairman offers a unique opportunity for member states to unite, collaborate, and work towards a prosperous and harmonious future for the entire region, Barau said.

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