Nigerian Woman Declared Wanted, Ekom Says Police Officers After Her Life

The Nigerian Woman declared wanted by the Nigeria Police, Peace Ekom Robert, has said that some Police Officers are after her life.

In her full explanation on her Facebook page sent to Swift Reporter, Peace Ekom Robert accused one CP Ibrahim Baba Zango of holding on to her case file and refusing to honor several police signals to transfer her case to the National Cyber Crime Unit- Abuja.

Recall that on July 22, the police declared two persons, Udom and Peace Ekom Robert, wanted and asked anyone with information that could lead to their arrest to contact the Akwa Ibom State Police Command.

According to a Special Police Gazette, the two are wanted for criminal conspiracy, a threat to life, forgery, fraudulent conversion, and conduct likely to cause a breach of peace.

However, while giving an update on the case in a press statement released by the Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi on Tuesday, August 15, 2023, the police cleared Udom after he was “subjected to thorough investigations and interrogations”

“In that wise, it is pertinent to state that the investigation remains active, and our efforts to bring the main suspect, Peace Ekom Robert, who is still at large, to justice, have been intensified. We urge anyone with information regarding her whereabouts to come forward and assist the police in this matter.

“The Nigeria Police is committed to embracing modern and rule-of-law-compliant means of investigating cases so as to have fairness and maintain justice in all ramifications.

“We therefore wish to appreciate the support and cooperation of the public as we work together to maintain peace, unity, and progress, and uphold the rule of law in Nigeria.”

But on Saturday, 9th September 2023, Peace Ekom Robert gave her own side of the case via her Facebook page Peace Robert below:

Dear Nigerians,
Attn: Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu The Senate President – Nigeria Pastor Umo Eno Akwa Ibom State Government Nigeria Police Force Economic and Financial Crimes Commission DSS official ; Fida Nigeria Fida Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State Branch INTERPOL HQ AIT Online Sahara Reporters Arise News Complaint Response Unit – CRU, Nigeria Police Force Punch Newspapers Ajuri Ngelale

Warm Greetings!
This is to bring to your notice that the following people listed below should be held responsible for any harm or loss that may befall me or any of my family members in connection to the ‘WANTED’ publications made by the Nigerian Police Force on the 22nd of July, 2023 and 15th of August, 2023 respectively against me.
Also, if I am kidnapped again through the use of the Nigerian Police Force machinery under any guise or form and eliminated in the process, kindly hold the following persons responsible:
1. CP IBRAHIM BABA ZANGO: He is presently The Commissioner of Police, Admin FCID Abuja. He sent some people to kidnap me in Uyo-Akwa Ibom State on the 13th of March and these men were instructed to collect my phones, ensure I had no contacts with anyone, and whisk me off to Lagos, where he was the CP Anti Homicide Section, FCID- Alagbon, Lagos. It was through shear luck a policeman picked my SOS and called Mr. Nana Udom, who immediately alerted The Commissioner of Police, Akwa Ibom State to rescue me from that kidnap attempt.

It is worthy of note that, there was no policeman in that company of kidnappers, no warrant of arrest, no activity documentation, neither was there any formal or informal invitation to respond to any petition for ‘CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY, THREAT TO LIFE, FORGERY, FRAUDULENT CONVERSION, AND CONDUCT LIKELY TO CAUSE BREACH OF PEACE’ made by Ifeyinwa Anthonia Olua.
I decided to go to Lagos on the 14th of March, 2023 to make my response and without hearing from me, he asked me to be locked up because, he had judged me and concluded on the case as told by his friend, the complainant. All efforts to speak to him by the CP, Akwa Ibom State Command, The AIG in charge of Zone 6, Calabar fell on deaf ears.
CP Ibrahim Baba Zango extorted Fifteen Million Naira (15,000,000 NGN) from me which was paid after he stormed my hotel premises in Lagos from 12 midnight on the 29th of March,2023 with mobile police men on bikes and other armed officers in trucks and cars, (as if they were looking for a terrorist) to re-arrest me after I was duly released from their custody on the 28th of March.
The intimidation, torture, threat to my life and a threat to get me another remand order for 30days, if I didn’t make payment of Twenty Million Naira (20,000,000 NGN) instantly was overwhelming.
Hence, the transfer of 15,000,000NGN to the account I was given, so I could gain my freedom.
On the approval of the immediate past IGP, Usman Alkali, to transfer the case to National Cyber Crime Unit- Abuja, he siezed my casefile and refused to honor several signals given to him from senior officers of the force, such as AIG Frank Mba and the former DIG Interpol to release the casefile to enable the NCC team to commence their investigation on the matter.

He frustrated all their attempts and insisted he must be the case officer and declared that no one could take a case from him except under the instructions of The Immediate Past President, H.E, Mohammed Buhari.
So, he prides himself as being bigger than the NPF and sadly, many officers fear him and hate to interfere with his cases.
On that note, I made petitions against him and his colleagues, DSP Yusuf Dauda and Insp Celestina Ugbaja who worked with him on this case to CRU- Abuja and Police Service Commission respectively.
These ones demanded two hundred thousand Naira (200,000NGN) from me to enable them write a letter to Interpol that is right beside their office in Alagbon, because I requested for Interpol Assistance on the investigation since it was obvious that all they cared about was forcing me to make payments for a commercial transaction that was under dispute, and not to find out the truth as regards the allegations that were leveled against me by Ifeyinwa Anthonia Olua.
So, I made a transfer of one hundred and fifty thousand Naira (150,000NGN) through my friend, to an account they provided for me, to enable them do their job.
I have co-operated with these officers since 14th of March, 2023 till 2nd of June, 2023 and all I see is compromise and the desperate need to intimidate me to accept a crime I did not commit.
I had told CP Ibrahim Baba Zango and his team to charge me court since he was convinced that I had committed the crimes brought before him, but the threatened to keep me in detention and whoever asks him, he would say its the court that’s holding me in remand.
Their anger is that I have petitioned them and have charged them to court on the 12th of July, 2023 to enforce my fundamental human rights breached against me during the period in reference, and all the parties involved have been properly served and the evidences of service/ hearing notices served have been documented in court.
2. Ifeyinwa Anthonia Olua (@iphie_jess) CEO: SIMJEZ GLOBAL RESOURCES, SIMJEZ INT’L CONCEPT LTD, JESSY JEZ UNIQUE CONCEPT. And Ex staff of #fidelitybank .
(You can check her out on google). And her husband, Nnamdi Ugoh C-bone (@nnamdiugoh).
Ifeyinwa Anthonia Olua seems to forget that she told me in December, 2022 that a guarnishee order was placed on her #GTB accounts (Simjez) after she collected the sum of about Two hundred million Naira (200,000,000 NGN) from a customer to provide USD for him in China for payment of goods and wherever she got money from to initiate the transfer, according to her, it got to the account in China and immediately, the money reversed back to source.
Now, the customer didn’t receive the USD he paid for, neither could he retrieve his Naira from her, because she had spent it before the transaction was concluded.
This is the exact same thing that she did to me in August 2022 after she gave me proof of funds through her counterpart, Mark-Daniels Eniola Churchill and she insisted that Naira payment had to be made to her first. It was by the Grace of God that I was able to recover my customer’s money from her after 6weeks of fake payment slips, sleepless nights and many lies.
We discovered that she paid over a 110M Naira to an apartment facility in Lagos, 40M naira to one Mark English and 26M naira for the White Lexus car she cleared during the period, while my customers were busy waiting for their swap to renew their Microsoft licences in UK and payment for purchases in China.
We had to confront her with the discoveries and she pleaded to make refunds of the Naira. Ifeyinwa Anthonia Olua did the same thing she did to me to other customers to raise my principal’s Naira which came in bits and pieces.
Till today, an outstanding balance of 23.9M Naira is left which she begged my customer to let her trade off and that woman was magnanimous enough not to charge her for fraud.
What gives someone the guts to touch someone’s money when the FX is not their own and most importantly, when the transaction is not complete?
It’s on the strength of the outstanding balance of 23.9M Naira, which she promised to trade off, that I kept the relationship open, hoping that she would make good her commitment to my principal.
On January 31st and February 1st, 2023, she made a transfer of 55,000Euros in tranches of 25,000Euros and 30,000Euros from one Miriam Gutierrez Toledo to a company( BLACK LONDON S.L) that requested for a swap to enable them import tiles.
The beneficiary requested for the source of funds, CIS of payer and other documentations authorizing her to deal on behalf of Miriam Gutierrez Toledo.
I asked to know her relationship with the payer as due diligence necessary for the swap, the Spanish lady’s relationship with Nigeria and why she needs Naira.
Ifeyinwa Anthonia Olua declined my requests for KYC documentation and started sending threats to me. She linked me to a video call on the 2nd of February, 2023 where some men in Nigeria were smoking, drinking and shooting guns, threatening my life for the Naira, telling her ‘you know wetin I dey do take get my money, you come ask me make I give you money and as i don pay you, you dey talk say make i call am back, you know say my money no dey loss. If i no get my money in 48 hours, you see this as i dey waste my **** i go finish am for your leg and you too Madam Peace’, because, I demanded that she either asks the payer to send a mail to her bank to confirm that she authorized the payments, provided the required documents or she places a recall on the funds.
Till today as we speak, Ifeyinwa has not done any of these, and according to the beneficiary, he does not have access to money either because it was lined by the banking authorities due to a suspicious action request (SAR) that was triggered over the transaction and I have provided two statements dated 7th February 2023 and 17th March, 2023 to this effect.
She preferred to go make a petition against me at Anti Homicide Section, Alagbon (as if I committed murder) instigating the NPF against me, spread lies and defamed my character to people she met through me, told people I duped her, slut shamed me at will, using her fake accounts to troll me on Facebook (Jessy Kwakpovwe) and Instagram (@drekon_c), concerning herself with my personal life which is not any of her business.
Ifeyinwa refused to show up in NCC-NPF, Abuja for an interview on the 1st of June, 2023, after recieving an invitation from the Investigating Team.
There is no reason why anyone who did the right thing will insist that a particular police officer, or officers under his purview/influence must handle his/her case, if there’s nothing to hide.
Why can’t Miriam Gutierrez Toledo place a report in her bank or to the Spanish police in Madrid against the company she transferred money to?
Why is she insisting that I paid her Naira in Nigeria, and then, go sort myself out with her Euros that have been held by the bank in Spain?
Dear Nigerians,
I have not revolted against the officers of the NPF over the proper conduct of investigation on this offshore transaction that was initiated by Ifeyinwa Anthonia Olua and her partners.
I have not received any funds from the beneficiary (Black London S. L) and the account owner has shown the willingness to cooperate with the law enforcement bodies in Nigeria to resolving this matter, even though CP Baba Zango bluntly refused to speak to or hear from the beneficiary nor make findings from the receiver’s end through the appropriate channels.
My accounts and that of my son linked to my salary account in UBA were frozen by an initial court order obtained by #NPF to enable them conduct their investigations and this is way over 60days, which to my knowledge has not been renewed, yet my accounts remain embargoed. #UBA.
My statements written at FCID Lagos, CRU Abuja and NCC-NPF Abuja are consistent with my claims and all I have insisted on is fair hearing, unbiased investigation by the investigators, and still, they have not been able to charge me to court because they have neither investigated, for example, written to Caixa bank Spain to ascertain the veracity of the lien and as well as ascertain, whether or not, I have received the value in reference or any funds from this transaction.
#NPF, after the detention, torture and humiliation and subsequent release of my Lagos Lawyer, Barr Richard Chukwuocha, it’s only clear to state that these people are so desperate to shut me up, to cover up the excesses of the police officers and support a crime that they should be fighting against…hence the need to declare me wanted on the 22nd of July and 15th of August,2023, using The Office of The Akwa Ibom State Commissioner of Police as a guise and later, that of The DIG, FCID Abuja, after they have all been duly served by my attorneys on the 12th of July, 2023.
It is also worthy of note that Nana Udom was never my surety. He is not a civil servant, neither does he live in Lagos, nor have properties in Lagos, to qualify him to sign as my surety.
It is only crafty and unprofessional to involve or drag someone who came to help me and later exonerate him for coming to see you, without a proper apology to the young man for involving him in a matter he knows little or nothing about, because he made a transfer on my behalf and signed as a witness to the undertaking your officers dictated for me to write under duress.
My surety lives in Lagos, and the #NPF has never contacted or invited him for once to provide me on this matter, neither have they sent any letter of invitation to me formally or informally as the case may be to my residence in Uyo (but they have all my biodata), before going ahead to cyber bully and defame my character on social media.
In fact, everything about this case has been so untidy, unprofessional and shabbily done, including the publications on the NPF social media platforms.
It is important to note that the six respondents on the lawsuit filed by my attorneys, have not appeared in the suit that has been instituted for the breach of my fundamental human rights.
I am a law-abiding citizen of The Federal Republic of Nigeria and I believe that when the people who are meant to maintain/enforce the law and order are lawless, anarchy begins to take deep roots into the fabrics of the society.

As much as we need a peaceful environment to thrive economically, we need law enforcement officers who stand on the side of justice and perform their duties without fear or favour.
My warm regards to those who see the truth, speak the truth and do right by the people.
In life or in death, history will forever vindicate the just!
Thank you????
I am,
Peace Ekom Robert.