NIPOST And Sierra Leone Ministry Of Communication, Technology And Innovation Seek Collaboration On Postal Sector Transformation Strategy

Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) and the Ministry of Communication, Technology, and Innovation of Sierra Leone are to collaborate on a postal sector transformation strategy.

This was disclosed when Sierra Leone’s Minister of Communication, Technology and Innovation, Salima Bah paid a working visit to Postmaster General/CEO, of NIPOST, Tola Odeyemi at her office recently.

Sierra Leone’s Minister of Communication, Technology and Innovation who appreciated the Postmaster General for the warm reception, also commended the Federal Government of Nigeria on the various initiatives to drive digital transformation of the postal ecosystem.

She said that the postal sector plays a crucial role in the socio-economic development of nations by facilitating communication, trade and financial services. She however acknowledged the numerous challenges the postal sector faces which include declining mail volumes and increased competition from electronic communication channels. Hence, she stressed the importance of strategic partnerships to enable both nations to explore viable potentials by leveraging technology and innovation to create a tech ecosystem to drive transformation

Postmaster General of the Federation, Tola Odeyemi in her response said NIPOST is the primary provider of postal and related services in Nigeria and given its historical prominence, the organization is striving to adapt to the changing business environment.

Odeyemi said declining revenue, obsolete infrastructure and limited technological advancements have hindered the growth and relevance of the post.

She noted that the emergence of the present administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, the Renewed Hope Agenda and the strategic digital transformation policies of the Ministry of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, under the dynamic leadership of Dr Bosun Tijani, NIPOST’s business model is leveraging strategic partnerships and innovative technology to promote trade and market development.

Recognizing the need for modernization, both NIPOST and the Sierra Leone Ministry of Communication, Technology and Innovation aim to collaborate on a postal sector transformation strategy. The primary objectives of the collaboration are; to enhance service quality by leveraging technology and innovation, as well as to improve the speed, efficiency and reliability of postal services in both countries expanding financial services.

The collaboration will explore opportunities to provide financial services through the postal network, including mobile banking, remittances, and microfinance. In addition, to strengthening infrastructure; the collaboration intends to invest in upgrading and expanding the postal infrastructure, including postal offices, sorting centres, and delivery networks.

Importantly, the partnership will work towards creating an enabling environment for e-commerce, with a focus on facilitating cross-border trade and enhancing last-mile delivery capabilities.