NIRSAL: Aliyu Abdulhameed Deserves Award, Commendation Not Sack – CCAC

.…..Says is a great Asset to President Buhari’s administration Agricultural Policy.

A CSO known as the Citizens Communication and Advocacy Centre (CCAC) has thrown her support behind Mr. Aliyu Abdulhameed, Managing Director of Nigerian Incentive -based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending and condemned in strong term the negative narrative publications in various National Newspapers and some online news platforms by some vested interests who are very bitter for losing out in their criminal franchise of fleecing the country of Billions of Naira in Foreign Exchange, in the name of Food and other Agricultural Products importation due the Revolutionary Agricultural Policy of Government, ably Facilitated by NIRSAL under the able Leadership of Mr.Aliyu Abdulhameed with oversight from CBN.

CCAC has equally condemned the desperation of this entities, in their despicable attempt to using disgruntled Workers of NIRSAL to spread Falsehood and compromised vital official Secrets and information.

This is unacceptable and no decent Corporate organizations worth it name, with sound Corporate Governance would allowed such shenanigans.

In a press release on Sunday, 8th June, 2020 signed by its Executive Director , Lord Charles Ibiang, he said that the mountains of allegations of corruption to the tune of 75 billion; the 5.4 billion Wheat Project in Jigawa; 4.2 billion Personnel Cost including various sundry allegations like running a nepotistic and clannish enterprise are not only wicked, but preposterous, baseless and reinforced Ignorance taken too Far, because the way NIRSAL structured it’s operation is difficult for such monumental and bogus amount to be stolen by an Individual no matter his position and Authority.

It will be recalled that NIRSAL was launched in 2011 and Incorporated 2013 by CBN and set up as a Rubust, Innovative and holistic USD 500 millions dollars Public-Private Initiative to catalyse the Flows of Finance and Investments in Fixed Agricultural Value Chain.

Infact it was given impetus and properly establish by President Muhammadu Buhari 2015.

Acording to its establishing Laws, the CBN is the Head of the Board of NIRSAL and Quarterly Board Meeting is structured for it effective Operational and Administrative Management.

How can an individual steal 75 billion in such a very structured Organizations with all the enabling Corporate Governance mechanism? The CSO wondered.

The CCAC Executive Director said the NIRSAL, under Mr.Aliyu, has grown from a small organization of less than 7 people to now one of the best corporate entity in Nigeria, that has given real time interpretation of President Buhari Agricultural Policy by Faciliting a 100billion in Finance and Investments in the Agricultural Value Chain from it inception.

This is unprecedented in Nigeria history and deserved Commendation from Every Nigerias instead of spurious allegations. NIRSAL has performed credibly well.

Lord Charles Ibiang used the opportunity to call on CBN not to be blackmailed into eemoval of Mr.Aliyu, exposing NIRSAL to Political scheming of instability and Leadership turnover.

He also admonish and call on Media & Civil Society Organizations that serve as Citizen’s Protectors to always carry out extensive study of issues concerning a State of affairs before commenting, so as not to misinform the Citizens by destroying the Reputation of Professionals who want to help by serving as Public Officers.

“Let us join hands and support an achiever to succeed and reformed the Nigerian Agricultural Sector value Chain characterizes by its primitive and opaque nature, the statement concluded.