NNPC Boosts PMS Supply With 1.03 Billion Litres In 14 Days

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Ltd has set a record in the supply of Premium Motor Spirit across the states in a bid to address the country’s fuel needs.

The NNPC said on Saturday that it took delivery of 1.029 billion litres between March 21 to April 3, 2022.

This is the highest delivery that the company has sent across the states within two weeks.

The upward shift in NNPC’s supply reflects the promise of the Group Managing Director, Mele Kyari, to deal with the fuel crisis which hit the nation back in February.

When queues resurfaced across the states, the NNPC took delivery of 300 million litres into the market to close the supply gap created in the country by the withdrawal of the wrong petrol grade.

Within 28 days covering February 14 and March 13, the NNPC released a total of 1.82 billion litres of PMS to Nigerians.

Amid the global energy crisis, the NNPC has minimised its effect on Nigerians with the sustained supply.

Prices of the commodity are still low between N165 to N170 per litre in petrol stations compared to the worst-hit countries like the UK where a litre sells for $2.111 (GBP 1.622) or an equivalent of N879.8 at the Central Bank of Nigeria rate.

The new report released by the NNPC showed an average of 73.56 million litres daily supply.

The report revealed that Lagos received a total of 170.36 million litres of PMS during the 14 days, while Kano State followed with 83.612 million litres.

Niger, Oyo and Ogun States received 82.612 million litres, 49.639 million litres and 44.174 million litres respectively.

From the bottom, Jigawa received the lowest supply of 1.318 million litres; Bauchi State received 2.392 million litres; Yobe State 4.190 million litres, while Ebonyi State received 5.256 million litres of PMS.

The report stated that 69 per cent of the products were distributed to the High Demand States, while 25 per cent went to the Medium Demand States and the Low Demand States shared the remaining 6 per cent.

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