No Ikoyi Lagos Properties Sold By NDLEA

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA has described claims in an anonymous write-up going around on WhatsApp platforms that a certain former Chairman/CEO of the Agency sold off its headquarters office buildings in Ikoyi, Lagos, leaving officers and men stranded, as a total distortion of facts.

According to a press release on Wednesday 20th July 2022 signed by the NDLEA Director of Media & Advocacy, Femi Babafemi, he said that the Agency wishes to state that the buildings referred to in the circulating piece, did not belong to it in the first place, served as its National Headquarters before its relocation to Abuja some years ago. It should be noted that a Presidential Implementation Committee (PIC) on Federal Government Landed Properties took over the buildings following a government directive that all vacated or underutilised government properties are taken over by the PIC, sold and proceeds paid to federal government coffers.

At the time of relocation, 70% of the Agency’s headquarters staff moved to Abuja while the remaining 30% are still in the Shaw road office, Ikoyi. This remaining 30% will soon join the main headquarters in Abuja as soon as the new HQ building, recently bought by the federal government for the Agency is ready for occupation.

Like other federal government agencies whose properties were taken over by the PIC, NDLEA has no hand in the sale of the mentioned properties and does not know who bought them and for how much, as the presidential committee solely handled the sale.

The challenge before the Agency at the moment is how to remove our officers and men who live within communities where they are exposed to dangers into secure barracks accommodation, a concern already being addressed by the federal government through budgetary provisions for the construction of such barracks across the country beginning from this year.

Members of the public are therefore urged to disregard the anonymous write-up, which is nothing but an embodiment of distortion and mischief.

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