December 5, 2022

Oba Of Benin Grills Peter Obi

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Queries whether it’s true that Obi rejected landed property

The Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II, on Friday grilled the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi, on some of the unbelievable decisions he had heard Peter Obi took.

Obi, who was at the palace of the Royal Father for a courtesy visit as part of his campaign in the state, was asked by the Royal father if it was true he (Obi) rejected a landed property offered to him in his (Obi) state.

After Obi answered in affirmation, the Royal Father further asked if Obi was going to translate that to the office of the president if elected, knowing well that the office is confronted with a lot of temptations.

The Oba asked: “Your Excellency, somebody showed me a letter where land was offered to you in your state and you politely turned it down, and that you don’t need it; that you are there to serve, I want you to confirm this? I saw it not just only on social media but physically, though it was an electronic copy.”

He continued: “Your Excellency, there are a whole lot of temptations in the office of the president of any country; a lot of power, are you saying to everyone here that you will do your best to resist such temptations?”

Obi who answered all the questions in affirmation said Nigeria must fight corruption, just as he added that a situation whereby politicians are richer than business owners must be discouraged.

Obi said: “Your Royal Majesty, I have made up my mind that we must fight corruption; corruption kills the society, it kills entrepreneurship; it kills professionalism.

“In a corrupt society, government officials are richer than business owners, it must not be so. So, we will fight corruption with everything.

“We want to save Nigeria, but we can’t save Nigeria by stealing.”

Oba Ewuare II thereafter prayed for the presidential candidate and his team and wish them well in the forthcoming election.

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