Obi Lists What Is Required To Turn Nigeria Around

The Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi has said that getting Nigeria working again is not rocket science but requires extraordinary commitment from the people and their leaders.

Obi’s view is contained in his remarks at the weekend at the Annual General Meeting AGM of the Nigerian Institute of Architects, NIA in Calabar, Cross River state.

At the conference with a theme; “Housing and Design Excellence for National Development”, the LP standard bearer listed what he called 4Cs; -competence, capacity, credibility, and commitment as critical requirements to turn the country around. 

“We must aspire to put in place a leadership that is imbued with competence, capacity, credibility, and commitment. These 4 Cs, are leadership competencies required to turn Nigeria around”

He noted that “What is grossly missing in Nigeria’s leadership, governance and the economic realm is the lack of efficiency. Good governance and a prosperous and stable economy are routinely anchored on sectoral and holistic pursuit of efficiency”

He told the Architects that Nigeria has a high and severe housing deficit to the point that the country needs 28 million houses to be built to meet the national needs and by estimation, this will cost about 60 trillion Naira.

He said that what his Presidency will do if given the mandate is to partner with a professional body like the NIA and create an enabling environment via the right of making laws; regulating and preserving property; employing the force of the community; and the public good.

The dearth of vision and commitment in our political leadership over time is having an effect in all sectors, noting that, “what is grossly missing in Nigeria’s leadership, governance and the economic realm is the lack of efficiency. Good governance and a prosperous and stable economy are routinely anchored on the sectoral and holistic pursuit of efficiency.

According to him, “if I and Datti are hired by Nigerians on February 25th, 2023, we will pursue intangible assets of good governance, rule of law, security of lives and properties but for this to happen there must be elite consensus on critical national interest questions.

“We are also aware that our existing national infrastructures are decrepit and crumbling. We are housing-challenged. We have as a nation been inconsistent in our infrastructural planning and funding. This is an area we must tackle urgently.

Obi further remarked that as a first step their Presidency must start with rethinking the fundamentals of our nationhood and how to collectively unite and secure Nigeria and move it from good to great.

“Good governance simply translates to eight critical governance values, namely; a government being Accountable, Transparent, Responsive, Equitable and Inclusive, Effective and Efficient; and adherence to the rule of law, as well as participatory and consensus-oriented governance.”

With the mandate of Nigerians the Obi-Datti administration, from its inception, will continue to encourage investment in infrastructure—housing, energy, transport, irrigation, and telecoms—to grow these and other sectors.

“We are eager to quickly close the infrastructure gap between now and 2030. That is the Nigeria we want in place by the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) target year.”

Obi also charged the Architects to bear in mind some fundamental requirements of their profession in contemplating “Housing and Design Excellence for National Development” which includes Design for the future and economic and social well-being; thinking of demographic in our designs; Design and building for the public good;

Our buildings must be accessible to People with disabilities; Our buildings must reflect our culture and heritage; We must manage to fund for building; Give primacy to maintenance culture, and finally, NIA must protect its institutional integrity

Finally, he then reminded the NIA members of the new mantra of his campaign message,
“in the mission to rescue Nigeria, there is no tribe, religion, or class. Indeed, there can be no conscientious objector.”

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