Of Fictitious Defections And Lies Of The Opposition In Gombe State

By Adamu Abubakar Kumo 

As the 2023 general elections draw nearer, the transfer season has now commenced in earnest as some party members from both the ruling All Progressives Congress  (APC) and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are cross-carpeting. 

Of course, no one can really stop the tendency to move from one party to another, and no matter the rationale defining such decision. As a matter of fact, as true democrats, we have to acknowledge the constitutional rights of these defectors to associate with any party or political organisation of their choice in tandem with the ideals and principles of democracy. 

While it is difficult to tag defection as good or bad, it is quite possible to use morals, principles, antecedents, perennial history of political defeats and inconsistency to scale-weigh any defection- the reason for defection always defines it. 

For instance, defection can be undertaken due to lack of ideology, political interest, pursuit of political ambition, poor performance etc. 

However, it is worth noting that among those who have defected from the ruling party in Gombe State, the APC, no one has formally or informally, openly or secretly cited poor performance of the present administration as his ir her reason for defection. This is a clear testimony that the incumbent governor is doing well by living up to the expectations of the people. 

Issuing from the above position is the need for the general public to note that the defection from the ruling party has no bearing with the welfare of the people other than political indulgence. With this understanding, therefore, such action, irrespective of the lowly nature, should not give any misleading impression other than the usual politicking and the attendant propaganda even in an uncharted territory as history informs us. 

Thus, the recent development as it was in the past can best be described as a case of desperation for power, where direction in politics is determined and driven by ambition to lead at all cost just to quench one’s thirst for power or satisfy personal ego. This is the truth otherwise no sane member of the ruling APC in Gombe State would ever think of leaving the party on account of the tremendous transformations that have taken place under the leadership of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya with a lot of benefits to the people and a brighter future for all stakeholders. 

We have to understand though that during their stay in the APC, some of the defectors were perpetually rabble-rousing and would only live by their own set of rules and regulations which centred on their political ambition, the habit that cost the party a lot. There’s nothing wrong with political ambition but when such is pursued without any modicum of decency and realism, it is bound to end up in chaos and unbridled shenanigans as we’ve now seen in the state.   

Now, you may ask: what’s the quality and influence of these power mongers? They neither command any major followership nor did they add critical value while their stay lasted in the party. Being mostly those who came from the PDP to join APC on account of the popularity of Governor Inuwa, they later realised they do not fit into the orderly scheme of things in the APC and have accordingly returned to their nest where they originally belonged. It has to be emphasized that these people have for so long lost ground and influence in the party and have disassociated themselves with it. The defection is therefore a good riddance to bad rubbish.  And here lie the fictitious defections and lies being paraded by the opposition PDP which is a mirage. 

In what can be described as a win-win scenario, the APC on the other hand, is receiving bigwigs and party stalwarts who have electoral value and political influence into its fold from the PDP. It is really an interesting development in Gombe State informed by altruistic reason and excellence as they want to be in the winning team for the common good. 

The recent defections of Arc. Habu Mohammed Shinga, Barrister Ya’u Kwadon and Hajiya Hadiza Kwali together with their thousands of supporters are a big blow to the opposition, a shock that sent due signals vis-a-vis the dynamics shaping political calculations in the state. Come to think of it, these people are not common party members; they are grassroots politicians with strong support and influence. 

Arc. Habu Shinga was a former Head of Housing/ Acting Director, Housing since our era in Bauchi State, Special Assistant during Goje regime, former Caretaker Chairman Yamaltu Deba LGA (three times), full time member 1 SUBEB (three times), Talba Campaign Co-ordinator, Yamaltu-Deba LGA 2015 and former contestant, State House of Assembly under PDP. 

Another stakeholder to have defected from the PDP is Barrister Ya’u Kwadon who was Ag. Deputy National Legal Adviser, former member PDP Interim NWC, Former House of Representatives contestant under PDP and many more. 

Hajiya Zainab Zakari Kwali, was a former Councillor, Former National Women Leader (PDM), National Women Leader, Women for Jonathan and a former board member. Now, can we compare these grassroots politicians with one Abigail Peter whose name is not known to even some people in her ward but joining the PDP for a pot of pottage?  So how does this feeble move help her and her own people? Of course, it pays in the interim but will never last and more importantly it’s selfish. Though one should not be surprised if her ilk are seen returning to the APC so soon because it’s more or else politics of the stomach, regrettably now a national enterprise. 

This tendency contrasts sharply with the names above who have joined the APC out of convictions. These are the people with relevance in their former party. But since development is what they yearn for and they obviously have seen it in the good governance of the APC under Governor Inuwa Yahaya, they decided to join the winning team for the interest of their people and future generations to come. These are the issues.

A good and sincere reminder to those defecting to quench thirst for power and their hosts is that their brand of politics which harps on selfishness, sectionalism, ethnicity and religious discrimination, a pattern that is alien to our state, did not work in 2019 and will definitely not work in 2023. 

Moreso, as they finally find a home in the homeless party, their new comrades  should be honest enough to tell them that losing elections has been their lot which they need to have accepted as their destiny. 

Succinctly, APC in Gombe State, under  Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya, is united and intact. The party and the government remain undaunted. The good people of Gombe State have entrusted APC with governance and therefore, the party and the government will remain committed to this course of taking Gombe State to the promised land. This is beyond tokenism, we’re living it.

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