Oil Theft In Nigeria; Tantita Security Network To The Rescue

By Adewole Kehinde

Despite the government’s best efforts, crude oil theft continues to be a threat that severely reduces the nation’s revenue. To combat this, the government has hired former fighters on multimillion-naira pipeline security contracts to protect the oil and gas assets in the Niger Delta.

It is concerning to learn that there were 4,145 documented instances of crude oil theft between May and the second week of October 2023, according to an analysis of incident reports submitted by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited.

This staggering number highlights the severity of the issue at hand.

According to NNPCL records, some of the more active hotspots for crude oil theft in the Niger Delta, include Ohaji-Egbema, Oguta (Imo), Ogbia, Imiringi (Bayelsa), Obodo-Omadino, Ughelli (Delta), Egorobiri Creek, Gokana, Iba community, Emuoha, Rumuji, Degema (Rivers).

The nation’s security services as well as all governmental levels must come together to provide a swift and all-encompassing response to this issue.

The performance of Tantita Security Service Nigeria Limited on the protection and security of the nation’s pipelines in recent times is commendable.


Tantita Security Network must be commended for a job well done, especially in keeping the peace in the Niger Delta region.

I recall the so many politics played to stop the renewal of the Tantita Security Network contract by the so-called oil thieves.

However, the renewal serves as a guarantee and validation of the excellent work completed and the trust placed in Tantita Security Network to guard against and stop vandals’ attempts to obstruct the free flow of the country’s crude oil and stop their ongoing destruction of the nation’s pipelines out of self-interest.

I must commend the accomplishments made in the oil industry thus far since Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited was tasked with protecting the country’s pipelines, which resulted in a rise in crude oil production and the creation of government revenue, with the price of crude oil reaching nearly $100 per barrel on the international market in the face of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

In 2024, I envision a lot of militants who are eager to join together to provide services to the country by defending and safeguarding the country’s pipelines for the greater benefit of communicating with Tantita Security Services Ltd.

I also want to thank Tantita Security Network for being trusted by the Nigeria National Petroleum Company Limited to streamline operations, boost output, create revenue, and optimize profits for the country’s growth and development.


Adewole Kehinde is the publisher of Swift Reporters and can be reached via 08166240846. E-mail: kennyadewole@gmail.com