February 3, 2023

Omo-Agege, APC Company And Political Banditry

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By Joel Odhomo Salubi (Mr JOS)

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has, since taking over power in 2015, shown itself as a political party that was built on a conspiracy to unhinge Nigeria from the path of progress.

Historians, social scientists, and indeed the Nigerian people, now look back every day to the period before 2015 when the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was the party in power in Nigeria and described that era as golden, compared to what the APC has subjected hapless Nigerians to suffer and endure, in the last seven years.

Despite the challenges of nation-building, Nigeria was quite stable and on the path of development from 1999 to 2015, when the PDP was in charge of the Federal Government. The PDP which is now the only party built on patriotic intentions was able to confront challenges and provide solutions to problems. The PDP Government got Nigeria debt relief, resolved the Niger Delta crisis, tackled insurgency, and grew the economy to make it Africa’s biggest.

Nigerians were happy and knew that the country was making progress before the APC ganged up against the country and citizens came. Now, with several years of the APC being in charge of Nigeria, we have been reduced to a nation and people in agony. Nigerians have been wounded and left helpless.

It is now very clear that the APC has been a party of political bandits because only bandits treat society and people the way the APC has treated Nigerians.

The above reason is why the people of Delta State must “shine their eyes” and have nothing to do with the APC BANDits boasting that they will take over the governance of the State after the next election.

The Delta State APC is led by Senator Ovie Omo-Agege a man whose thoughts, words, and actions are always against the grain of public morality. Looking at the political company he keeps, which is seen in those around him, Deltans are no longer in doubt that what Omo-Agege is pushing and encouraging is political banditry.

This dangerous trend, apart from fully acting it out in speech and deeds, is also reflected in his slogans; BAND and EDGE, which indicate how he intends to deploy BANDits to push Delta State to the EDGE of disaster, just as they have done to Nigeria since 2015.

Omo-Agege’s politics has never been constructive because it is all about brute force and destruction. That was why he seemingly led the invasion of the sacred National Assembly and the subsequent snatching of the mace; the very symbol of political democracy in the national legislature.

Will a man who desecrated a national institution by even attending plenary and sitting comfortably with brazen impunity in the hallowed Red Chamber even when he was on official suspension, not also treat our State with the same impunity and steal and destroy our dear Delta State?

It is good for the people of Delta State to take a look at Omo-Agege’s presence in the public space and comment on whether it has been for good or bad. The verdict is that he has been known for his notoriety. Even when we look at the political company he keeps, we will be shocked that in one month, even given power, Omo-Agege, and his company will destroy Delta State and bring Deltans to their knees.

Omo-Agege’s men are political jobbers who will not hesitate to loot and run Delta State aground. His men very well bought into the idea of BAND which is his campaign catchword and they will, like BANDits, drive Delta State to the EDGE of ruin. But God forbid, they will never get near the precinct of power.

The people around Omo-Agege are well known to Deltans, for their perfidy and attitude to destroy everything and anything noble or ideal. Some of them like Peter Nwaoboshi, are already united with others in the gang, by fraud, greed, political lust, and love for chaos. Nwaoboshi is in jail having been convicted by the Court on charges of stealing amongst others, brought against him, by the EFCC.

It is a well-known fact that Nwoboshi’s jail term could run for a long time if he were to be diligently prosecuted for all his crimes. He is one of the top Chiefs and prominent political figures in Omo-Agege’s company.

Omo-Agege also has good company in Omeni Sobotie, somebody regarded largely as operating without a second address and whom the people of Agbarho were widely reported to have once banished and declared persona-non-grata Sobotie has no traceable record of public service before what many described as strong-arm tactics, got him a Government appointment in Delta State. We also know that he commands no followership where he comes from.

The one who calls himself Elder when he behaves like an ill-brought-up child is also in Omo-Agege’s company. He is Elder Godsday Orubebe one of those who made former President Goodluck Jonathan lose the 2015 Presidential election. Without character or compassion, Orubebe failed to deliver on the only assignment given to him which was the completion of the East-West road. The project was fully funded, but Orubebe allegedly stole the money and appropriated it for personal use. He also brought public shame and ridicule upon himself, when he openly fought and disrupted INEC’s collation of results, as was seen on television worldwide, during the announcement of the result of the presidential election in 2015. He is in Omo-Agege’s company now.

There is also Chief Paulinus Akpeki who, out of hunger, chose to serve Omo-Agege who is just about the same age as his sons. Akpeki deployed every known strategy of coercion to emerge as a strongman in politics many years ago, but he has long passed his expiry date.

Omo-Agege is craving for good company, but that is difficult for him to come by. Chief Ortega Emerhor and Chief Ede Dafinone, despite being a candidate, are really not comfortable in Omo-Agege’s company. They have no regard for him and merely tolerate him. The likes of Frank Kokori, Victor Ochei, Cairo Ojougboh, Veronica Ogbuagu, and even his running mate, Friday Osanebi, are all hoping that the nightmare of having to put up with Omo-Agege in the same political party should be over soon so that they can breathe and move on.

Omo-Agege knows this pretty well, that is why he is desperately sending emissaries to the PDP to lure some unthinking elements into the APC. But what these guys do not know is that Omo-Agege is already negotiating for a place in the PDP.

Omo-Agege and company do not deserve to govern Delta State. Too many moral burdens hang on his neck. ©

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