September 25, 2022

Only Dumb Nigerians Will Vote APC

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By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Dumb Nigerians are banking their last hope on the 2023 presidential election. Nigerian politicians are idiots. Nigeria is afflicted with them. Saying unintelligent things or acting stupid or insane will not be a barrier to electing another clueless, lifeless idiot as president.

Logically, honest and sane Nigerians want intelligent, honest, capable, experienced, savvy, intellectual powerhouse candidates with integrity to run the affairs of the country. But, dumb Nigerians are drawn to candidates with questionable character with disabled intellect. Nigerians don’t vote with their brains. They vote with their emotions. They vote for their ethnic fool or thief. They vote for their religious bigot.

Why should any sane Nigerian vote for the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) party? Forget about the health status of the candidate. Take away the issue of a Muslim-Muslim ticket. Cut out the crap “Emi lo kan” (“It is my turn”) syndrome. Base your rational assessment on the record of the ruling APC. Check any one of the following promises made by APC in 2015 and 2019 that has been fulfilled.

APC promised the following:
1. It will revive the economy.
2. Boko Haram will be history in six months.
3. Two million jobs will be created every two years.
4. Two million public housing will be built every two years.
5. Nigeria will stop the importation of fuel in two years.
6. Naira will be at par with the dollar.
7. 50,000 megawatts of electricity will be generated and distributed.
8. So many refineries will be built.
9. Restructuring will take a center stage.
10. Unemployed Nigerians will be paid an unemployment allowance.
11. Children will be fed free twice a day.
12. Internally displaced people will be returned and resettled to their homes.
You can add the rest promises made by APC.

What did APC deliver? APC destroyed Nigerians and Nigeria. APC divided Nigeria. APC looted Nigeria. APC brought hunger, poverty, unemployment, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, genocide, killings, kidnappings, and abduction. APC replaced democracy with boobocracy (rule by the ignorant and uneducated). APC bankrupted Nigeria. Brought Nigeria to her knees. Nigeria now teeters on the brink. Break up imminent and inevitable. Only dumb Nigerians will vote APC.

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