Open Letter To Clem Agba By Saint Moses Eremonsele

Dear Clem Agba,

I am not one of your supporters. I am among those who hold strongly the view that Edo North should not, at this time, vie for the gubernatorial position because they have benefited too much at the expense of Edo Central.

But your visit to my LGA yesterday [Tuesday, December 19, 2023] elevated my rating of you, and I feel I should let you know when you are getting things right.

I was absent yesterday due to my ill health from which I am recovering, but my lieutenants in the Ward all attended, and the report they gave me was very impressive. One said: “Oimuegbe!” meaning “He’s prepared!”

You did very well at Irrua yesterday during your visit. Very impressive. I listened to the tape and the video sent to me. You sure are an experienced politician.

Why you earned this privilege of my rare letter of commendation is your thoughtful offering to renovate the dilapidated Secretariat where we received the State Chairman of the Party and nothing was said or done about it. While we received other aspirants mostly from Esan and nothing was said or done about it, your ability to identify that problem stands you out. But this isn’t an endorsement yet for you. It’s only a statement of fact and a pat on the back for a party man who acted well.

Your donation to renovate the hitherto eyesore is not only a masterstroke but an indictment on those among us, but distant, those whose lips scream “Esan Agenda” but all their actions betray their ignorance and lack of commitment to the tenets of the agenda beyond rhetoric.

I am sure you would be amazed that the Secretariat you intervened in is a Senator’s home Secretariat. I am sure by your gesture, that when people respond in a certain unusual manner, little minds won’t accuse them of “betrayal to a cause that exists only in rhetoric.”

Whether we will vote for you at the polls is beyond my analysis at the moment, but rest assured, your visit to Irrua will go down positively in history. That Clem Agba, an outsider, had eyes to see our nakedness in Irrua, and he neither mocked nor abandoned us but clothed us and removed the shame that our sons up there thought would consume us.

May “Oghena” bless your family and your campaign. Amen.

Saint Moses Eremonsele [SME]
Leader Ward 8,
Esan Central LGA.