Oshiomhole Desperate And Drowning – Osagie

We feel sorry for the sacked National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole. He is clearly a frustrated man who is clutching at straws in desperate effort to save his drowning political career.

The childish Mercedes and Toyota analogy goes to show that Oshiomhole has run out of lies to tell.

He keeps trying to turn the story of the Edo Specialist Hospital on its head but has failed to answer a simple question which is; why did heavily guarded trucks come in the dead of the night to remove the equipment in the hospital which President Buhari had commissioned just one day after the commissioning?

Why was the hospital not opened to the public for the remaining days of his tenure after the hospital had been commissioned?

The answer is clear and it is that Oshiomhole had given the contract to equip the hospital to his girlfriend and instead of buying the hospital equipment after she was mobilised with 75 percent upfront payment, she lodged the money in her fixed deposit account to earn interest and unfortunately the Naira was devalued and she was not able to purchase the materials afterwards, leaving the hospital empty.

Oshiomhole actually had to reach out to hospital equipment supplier in Lagos to loan him some equipment just for the commissioning and the equipment was returned to the owner after the commissioning ceremony.

Oshiomhole’s problem with Obaseki is because Obaseki refused to allow him hijack the government and use it for the satisfaction of his warlords and thugs who are now fighting for him and causing crisis in Edo State ahead of the election.

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