Osun People Voted For Your Exit, Not Greek Gift, Adeleke Transition Committee To Oyetola, APC

The Adeleke Transition Committee has reiterated its criticism of mass recruitment and contract awards by the outgoing Oyetola administration, declaring that the Osun people voted for the Governor’s exit, not his Greek gift.

Responding to the reaction of APC to alarm raised on mass recruitment and contract awards, Mallam Olawale Rasheed on behalf of the Transition Committee insisted that current emergency employment and multi-billion naira contract awards were in bad faith as the outgoing Governor only remember such Greek Gift after he was voted out of office on July 16th.

” Not minding that the APC’s response sound more like motor park garbage from a disturbed mind, we are constrained to tutor the gutter writer and his club that a government that wasted three and half years on frivolities is guilty of evil agenda when it wakes up with the sole goal of expanding the state payroll and incurring crippling contractual obligations. With barely a few weeks to go, the speciality of the administration is not preparation of handing over notes but actions in violations of due process, procurement laws and state manpower planning agenda.

“As a responsible newly elected Governor of Osun State, Senator Adeleke and his team have the sacred duty to alert the public of anti-people, vindictive decisions of the state government. Armed with verifiable facts and decision memos, the transition committee regularly briefed the public first to save the state from further fiscal haemorrhage and second to alert unsuspecting members of the public of the weak ground of their engagement by the outgoing government.

“For the education of the foul-mouthed APC media aide, the Transition committee is composed of time-tested professionals and public figures who have made their marks in various fields of human endeavour. They are diligently discharging their responsibilities of preparing the ground for a new Osun state where the five-point agenda of Senator Ademola Adeleke will give birth to a prosperous, sustainably managed state. Only an ill-trained aide struggling with life challenges will cast aspersions on a distinguished collection of Osun patriots volunteering for a rescue mission under Senator Adeleke.

“We want to put it on record that in saner clime, a dual transition committee will by now be in place, exchanging notes and laying the successful groundwork for seamless transition of power. The democratic process envisions acceptance by all actors of the will of the people, not a scenario where little tyrants emerge after open and verifiable defeat at the ballot.

“Despite the uncooperative attitude of the defeated government, the Ademola Adeleke Transition Committee has successfully prepared the ground for a successful administration. On behalf of the Governor-elect, the Committee wishes to reassure the people of Osun state that the state of readiness for a new state is top-notch with innovative, fresh ideas fundamentally addressing the growth and developmental needs of the state.

“We reiterate that the Osun people on July 16 voted out an incompetent government and their expectation is for the defeated Governor to tidy up and finalise his handing over notes. Osun people did not vote for a Trojan horse and poisoned suya designed to punish the state for rejecting the outgoing Governor and his team”, the statement concluded.