Osun Tribunal: Oyetola Guilty Of Contempt Of Court – Group

…..Says Adeleke’s Victory is Sancrosanct

The Osun Governorship Election Petition Tribunal has been called upon to sanction Governor Gboyega Oyetola and the All Progressive Congress(APC) for desperately misrepresenting and judging its petition through falsehood-lading media propaganda.

In a statement released on Satuday at Osogbo, a pro-PDP group, Democrats for Democracy (DfD) observed that Oyetola is guilty of contempt of court by his endorsement and bankrolling of media trial of a petition before the Tribunal as such conducts amount to undermining the integrity and authority of the Tribunal and its members.

“Ever since the constitution of the Tribunal, Mr Oyetola and his team have concentrated on dishing out untruths and sham tales to falsely claim judicial victory even as proper hearing of his petition is yet to commence. Fabrications and falsity are daily churned out to blackmail the judiciary, all in a bid to precipitate reversal of a world acclaimed election victory of Senator Ademola Adeleke.

“Against all known judicial norms, Oyetola disdainfully moved judicial decisions to his office, empowering his aides to launch elaborate press subterfuges, misquoting, misrepresenting, misinterpreting and falsifying court papers and scornfully treating the judges of the Tribunal by issuing purported pseudo- judgement in his own favour. Rather than allow judicial determination of his petition, the petitioner has condemnably assume the role of the judge, the defence and the prosecutor, thereby constituting himself into a busybody, an interloper, in the hallowed chamber of justice.

“We find the action of the petitioner strongly reprehensible as it indicates gross lack of respect for the judiciary, a determination to rubbish the Tribunal and an evil plot to derail the judiciary from performing its statutory responsibilities. It is therefore expedient for the defence lawyers to officially report the petitioner to the Tribunal as his conduct and action is a danger to seamless and just operation of the Tribunal.

“There must be consequences for wilful attempt by a petitioner to stampede and railroad the judicial authority through unfounded spreading of lies. Mr Oyetola must be sanctioned for becoming a cog in the wheel of progress in a petition which he originated. If the Iragbiji politician has concluded that his petition lacks merit, we dare him to be honourable enough to withdraw his fillings from the Tribunal and congratulate the winner.

” We clarify again that Adeleke’s victory suffers no setback from the reign of falsity Mr Oyetola is spearheading. The two grounds of the outgoing Governor’s petition have been demolished even through their own media trial. We have strong faith in the judiciary to deliver justice and equity.

“To thousands of PDP supporters and the good people of Osun state, ignore all mendacious disinformation from amateur propagandists who have become laughing stock in the court of public opinion. Adeleke’ victory is a product of world acclaimed free and fair election; the defence of that victory by the defence team at the Tribunal is water tight; and our collective faith in the judiciary to validate people’s will is unshaken.

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