Ovie Omo-Agege: Unveiling A Self-Conceited Man

By Dr. Ifeanyi M.Osuoza

When those who have had personal and official interactions come out to situate issues about the one whose desperation is notoriously spurred by divisive urgency and anxiety, his attack dogs become restless, running into fits, pushing out distorted and deceptive publicity to fence off growing misgivings about him.

Incidentally, with every effort to try to pull the wool over people’s faces so as not to see through and therefore unable to make independent opinions, the persona of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Delta Governorship candidate, Ovie Omo-Agege as highly nepotistic gets further exposed.

This reality has been further underscored by a foremost Urhobo elder, who is indeed, the immediate past President General of the prestigious Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), High Chief Joe Omene. In another no-holds-barred viral exposé, the eminent Urhobo leader was vehement in denouncing Omo-Agege and his claim to having common sense or intelligence. He dismissed his claim to altruism, pointing out that the APC Governorship candidate is extremely selfish as the totality of himself does not believe in acting for the good of others. He truly does not believe that acting for the benefit of others is right and good. He is selfishness personified. He demonstrates without qualms that his personal needs and wishes are more important than those of other people.

Chief Omene dismissing Ovie Omo-Agege in a response to Dr. Wilson Omene, asked sarcastically: “What is good in Omo-Agege? What good qualities does Omo-Agege have? Nothing,” Joe Omene said. For him, Omo-Agege becoming Governor will be disastrous for Delta State. “We all know the havoc that he will cause should he get there. And should he get there, I know the sufferings that Deltans will go through.”

Because Omo-Agege is selfish, he failed to distribute in an equitable manner projects he attracted as Senator. Instead, he localized them within Orogun. In fact, not that he even had the common sense to spread the projects across his Orogun Township, he located them all within his own cluster (quarter).

Besides, while exposing Dr. Wison Omene’s moral decadence in not seeing anything wrong in Omo-Agege putting all federal projects in his cluster at Orogun, Chief Joe Omene deflated the argument by asking: “Was it that his area alone that voted for Omo-Agege?” He said putting all projects in one’s locality is not a sign of good leadership.

That nothing good can come from Omo-Agege has been pointed out severally by different people who know and saw through him, even knowing that despite representing Delta Senatorial District in the Senate, he had no good sense to put equity in place by distributing federal projects round the Urhobo axis that he represents, he took them all to a section of his village in Orogun. A man with a proven tendency to discriminate will surely put Delta State in jeopardy should he become Governor, because his record of antecedents showed clearly that he will not handle Delta State with a sense of equity. It is one of the many reasons that Deltans have rejected Omo-Agege as a Governorship candidate. A man who is driven by selfish ambition and blinded by desperation to achieve it without thinking about the ethical wrong in not considering the sensibilities of other ethnic groups for the office of Governor will create an atmosphere of disharmony among the ethnic groups of Delta State and set the stage for discord and ethnic strife in the State.

This is why Ovie Omo-Agege does not fit the bill of the person of quality and character that Deltans want as Governor. He has failed in all indices of consideration. And there’s no amount of propaganda that can change the mind of Deltans because the issue is crystal clear.

Sheriff Oborevwori is the choice of all Deltans for Governor and he will be voted for.

© Dr. Ifeanyi Osuoza is the State Publicity Secretary, PDP, Delta State & Deputy Director, Media, and Publicity Committee, PDP Campaign Council.

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