Owo Massacre: Each Nigerian State Must Have Its Own Police – Joe Okei-Odumakin

A Human rights activist has said that it is time for each Nigerian state must have its Police.

Reacting to the Sunday massacre in Owo, Ondo State, the President of Women Arise, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin said without the State Police, otherwise the country will continue to face anarchy resulting from people arming up to defend themselves.

She called on the leadership of Nigeria to stop pretending there is no solution.

An excerpt is the full text of her press release:

The latest killing spree…

Once again we are faced with the tragic devaluation of human life as insecurity captures Nigeria. Over 50 human beings killed in a holy sanctuary by savages who are cowards.

The sadness is not restricted to these 50 lives snatched for no reason. The deeper sadness is in the fact that there is no force in the way to stop this from happening again. The enforcement system stands deactivated before these demons.

In this place they killed an Oba. In this place they razed a village and massacred inhabitants. Too many times they have kidnapped and raked ransom.

This menace is not restricted to the Ondo area. It is nationwide and calls for urgent attention and seriousness. The leadership of Nigeria must stop pretending there is no solution. Each Nigerian state must have its policy otherwise, we are faced with anarchy resulting from people arming up to defend themselves.

This current order is a massive letdown and its likelihood must in no way be reinforced by any political process.

Our hearts go to the victims and their families. We stand with them at this trying time as we work to build a human society out of this degeneration.

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