December 7, 2022

Oyetola To Flee Osun Before Friday

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Holds Valedictory Service for Commissioners

Strong signals have emerged that the Trumpist in Osun Government House, ‘Otunba’ Gboyega Oyetola may flee the state before Friday.

He and his family have started the escape plan with a secret valedictory meeting with his commissioners and advisers today.

The personal effects of the Governor and that of his family are being shipped out of the state, heading towards Lagos.

Having abysmally mismanaged Osun state in the last four years and engaged in unprecedented looting of Osun state assets since July 17th, Mr. Oyetola is worried about the likely reactions of the people and has therefore launched an emergency exit plan to avoid the wrath of the people.

Mr. Oyetola who had wickedly done everything to make the state ungovernable through mass looting, mindless mass employment, outrageous contract awards, and criminal diversion of government assets and properties, has renovated his Lagos house for his eventual relocation.

Insiders hinted that the hurried move to exit Osun was to avoid the negative reaction of the oppressed people of the state by leaving when state immunity is still on both the Governor and his Deputy.

By leaving before Friday, Oyetola hopes state immunity will shield him from the wrath of the people.

Probably worried about the criminal records he is leaving behind, Mr. Oyetola is arranging a handover of notes also before Friday.

Meanwhile, the Governor in his wickedness had left transition affairs to the winning party, leaving even the state stadium, the venue of the inauguration unkempt and in a very bad state.

The venue was so run down and in a state of disrepair that it is the state PDP that is now clearing the venue of over-grown grass and repairing the facilities to host a befitting transition of power.

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