Pastor RUGA Yemi Osinbajo: Hypocrite Of Political Maladies

By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Hypocrites are as old as politics. Hypocrisy is the lifeblood of politics. Vice-President Pastor RUGA Yemi Osinbajo is eminently qualified as a hyper-hypocrite.

On Sunday, a group of Harvard Business School students visited Pastor RUGA Osinbajo at the Presidential Villa, Abuja. Receiving the group, he said: “I came into government with values about what I think is important, especially around transparency, social justice, and justice, among others. You are almost always a product of the values you believe in… I speak about corruption and all that, but where the institutions are weak, some people have reasons for not doing the right thing.”

Pastor RUGA Osinbajo is a typical example of what Immanuel Kant called the “political moralist” who “fashions his morality to suit his own advantage as a salesman.” Pastor RUGA moralizes morality while making “a hundred excuses and subterfuges to get out of observing them in practice,” says Kant.

As an ordained RCCG pastor and a constitutional lawyer, Pastor RUGA blindly accepts hypocrisy and rejects individual accountability. He tries to save face through his political utterances and inaction. Of course, it is good to be in solidarity with his APC led federal government. But solidarity with one’s moral compass is much more important. Pastor RUGA’s silence on the evils of Buhari, The Butcher of Aso Rock has been deafening. As a pastor, he has sinfully and cowardly stood dumb when Fulani terrorists killed his co-pastors in the vineyard. As Fulani savages kidnapped, raped, murdered, his Yoruba people and other ethnicities in the country, Pastor RUGA was nowhere to be found.

As a constitutional lawyer, Pastor RUGA remains invisible while Buhari violently violated all the democratic freedoms of constitutional government.  Where are the “values” about what he “thinks is important especially transparency, social justice and justice, among others”? He talks about weak institutions. Isn’t his responsibility as a constitutional lawyer to make the institutions stronger, durable, relevant, and as pillars of safety for the most vulnerable citizens? His ostrich posture portrays Pastor RUGA as hypocrite of political maladies.

As hypocrite, he avoids short-term loss at the expense of a potential long-term gain. He wants immediate preservation and justification, rather than long-term success. He destroys the possibility of a brighter future. He pays homage to morality not out of genuine concern, but for self-serving reasons. By preaching morality, he gains some underserved advantage, to excuse himself, or to hide from blame.

Under Buhari-Osinbajo administration, all our institutions have become delegitimized. As expected, a large majority of Nigerians have become highly distrustful and dissatisfied for the  repeated failure of Buhari-Osinbajo to govern wisely and inclusively. Pastor RUGA will do himself a great favor by heeding the words of Navjot Singh Sidhu: “A good example is the best sermon you can ever preach.”

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