PDP In Gombe State Is Presenting People With Questionable Character As Flagbearers

By A. A. Kumo


The quality and integrity of contestants is always the litmus for testing the acceptability or otherwise of any party. It is the parameter that the public use to measure the credibility of both the contestants and the party altogether.

In Gombe State, few days after PDP conducted primary elections which led to emergence of the party’s flagbearers at different levels, the party has already started getting the report of it litmus test.

The Punch Newspaper of 29th May, 2022 reported that “On May 29, the EFCC arrested a former governor of Zamfara State, Yari, and Anthony Yaro, Chairman and Managing Director of Finex Professional for their alleged role in N84bn fraud involving former Accountant General of the Federation”.

Mr. Yaro, an indigene of Gombe State who hail from Gombe South was alleged to have been involved in 22 billion fraudulent through his company Finex Professional as reported by the Punch.

To all indigenes of Gombe State, this news is not only disgusting but also distastefully grody. This weighty allegation is enough to make a president and his entire cabinet to resign in the Western World. But in our own country this is the person PDP has nominated to contest for Gombe South Senatorial District, best PDP can present to the good people of Tangale Waja. Is this not an insult to our collective intelligence?

Though it is just an allegation but is said that there hardly be smoke without fire.
Gombe South and Gombe State by extension deserve people with muddy hands, people who may end up spending their whole term in the court defending their allegations instead of serving their people.

This is a clear betrayal of people’s confidence froine PDP and indeed a clear proof of their recklessness in nominating their contestants.

Dear Gombawa, shine your eyes very well and elect leaders with clear track recrecordst those with shoddy history of fraud nororose with questionable resources and wealth.


A. A. Kumo #GISTAG