PDP’s Spokesperson, Kola Ologbondiyan Needs Testing – Princewill

The PDP spokesperson in calling for Governor Buni to resign because of the assignment given to him, saying it is in conflict with the constitution of the APC, is clear evidence that he as a spokesperson needs testing for Coronavirus of the brain.

The above view was made by a frontline APC Chieftain, Prince Tonye Princewill in a statement circulated to media houses today.

Princewill who was reacting to Ologbondiyan’s call for Governor Buni to resign questioned, “could an individual be so jobless as to bother himself with the settled affairs of a ruling party, when the unsettling affairs of his own are so out of order? Assuming the help he requires is not medical, let me help educate him on why this his call deserves no serious attention.”

He explained that, “First the interim committee setup by the NEC on the basis of the advice of Mr. President, is based on sound legal footing, as contained in the same constitution to which he refers. In Article 13, section 3 subsection vi, it reads thus: That the National Executive Committee can “create, elect and appoint any Committee it may deem necessary, desirable or expedient and assign to them such powers and functions as it may deem fit and proper.”

Continuing he said, “In subsection iii of the same section we are reminded that: “Decisions of the National Executive Committee shall be binding on all organs and all members of the Party, except the National Convention.”

Text of statement reads: “Any action deemed fit and proper and binding on all organs and all members are terms that he can reflect on. The section he is alluding to, describes tenure of office for office holders because APC has no intention of encouraging people who wish to stay in multiple offices simultaneously, like other parties may do. Our NEC pronouncements do not put us at risk of that.

“Secondly the National convention is about to be summoned, within a set and defined timeframe. They are the only superior organ, not bound by the NEC, who can put forward a different position. My suspicion is even if the spokesperson has Coronavirus, by then he will be fully recovered to witness what they will say.

“Till then, he should find something else to criticize. Something that is more believable. Good governance needs a strong credible opposition and we cannot keep relying on APC to do a better job of criticizing itself than the PDP currently is. The NEC also appointed Buni as the Chairman of the Convention planning committee. A common role given to Governors past and present. Perhaps they should have all resigned as Governors too? This is not opposition. It’s comedy.”