People Management; An Entrepreneur’s Guide Launched

On 4th November 2020, the EWM Team organized and hosted the launch of the e-book, ‘People Management. An Entrepreneur’s Guide’.

The author provides the readers with core Human Resources guidelines for people management, teaching leaders to encourage creativity, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

She also shared tips on the advantages in recruiting mature-aged workers for their experience, and Tech-savvy, Generation Z employees.

According to the Reviewer, Modupe Osomo, this book was written for business owners and managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and public servants who desire to cause a change in the world.

Highlighted the book’s call to leaders to pay attention to the welfare of their workforce, ensuring they are well-trained on the skills required to be effective at their assignments, and improve upon their professionalism.

Osomo also pointed out the importance of workplace culture, effective communication, and empathy.

She stated that the author sought to marry the secular and the spiritual in her book with respect to principles by which business and other leaders relate with their subordinates. Modupe Osomo highly recommends the book for everyone to read, adding that It is a ‘must buy’!

The guest speaker, Mofoluso Akintayo, provided a commentary on the book. She had this to say, “The book has provided a very clear vision for business owners to lead their people”.

The author emphasized the power of creating a culture and for instituting a workplace code of conduct as part of measures to drive down the vision to every stakeholder.

The book helps to lay a good foundation for everyone in leadership or aspiring to a leadership role on how to get the best out of employees.

The Author, Mopileola Amusu, spoke about the inspiration for the book. She had this to say:
The world needs visionary leaders that can answer questions that the people are yet to ask. People do not love anymore. Yet you cannot get the best out of people if you do not show love to them. The book is written to address and correct this.

‘People Management. An Entrepreneur’s Guide’ takes the reader on a journey from preparing the workplace for new hires, to hiring people, managing them, and even building them up. Leaders need many competencies to please their first customers – employees.

What takes nations out of poverty, and Nigeria is no exception, is the rise of entrepreneurs. If one entrepreneur employs 5 persons, as the business grows, this number will increase.

Many small businesses can do more to alleviate poverty than any government can. For this cause, it should be the primary responsibility of government ministries, Departments and Agencies to create a conducive environment for business to thrive.

Lecture by Mofolusho Oluwayemisi on ‘Transforming Employee Engagement’.

Akintayo spoke about what employee management entails. Engagement tools include staff care, health and safety, and good relationship management. She explained Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ and the power of asking the right questions of, and listening to, employees.

At the conclusion of the digital book launch, the Moderator appreciated everyone for their contributions and closed with a word of caution: “The world can no longer afford to suffer through the helplessness of leaders who have no answers. We need visionary leaders to arise in every sector”.

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