Police Calls On Organised Labour To Shelve Strike Action

….Comply with Legal Procedures to prevent breakdown of Law, Order

The Nigeria Police has called on organised labour to adhere to the existing laws governing strike action activities as well as cautioned them to prevent a breakdown of law and order within the country.

In a statement on Monday, 3rd June 2023 signed by Force Spokesperson, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi said in the light of the Federal Government’s recent declaration that the planned strike is illegal and premature, the Nigeria Police Force views the action as a potential catalyst for increased tension and political instability.

“The NPF hereby urges organized labour to proceed with the ongoing deliberations at the Tripartite Committee, which is focused on determining a new minimum wage, and shelve the planned strike as such decision is essential to prevent untold hardships on members of the public and maintain order and stability within our country, Adejobi said.

“The Nigeria Police Force assures the public that ample deployments have been made across the country to ensure that citizens can go about their lawful duties without hindrance.

“Therefore, all members of the public are encouraged to remain calm and continue with their lawful daily activities, while organized labour is urged to act responsibly and in accordance with the law, prioritizing dialogue and legal avenues to resolving the existing grievances, the statement concluded.

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