President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua; 10 Years In Mind

By James Ibori

We remember you today … as an agent of change.

You constituted a Government of National Unity. You gave the opposition a sense of belonging and the latitude to vent.

You cherished the independence the Constitution guaranteed the other Arms of Government.

You were wholeheartedly committed to electoral reforms.

You exhibited, in the exercise of power, the knowledge that it flows from the electorate and must not be used recklessly.

You granted amnesty to the Militants in the Niger Delta region.

You strengthened our hands to negotiate peace.

We will forever remember you in the Niger Delta. Nigeria will forever remember you as a gentleman President and an intellectual.

We thank God for your short yet impactful and exemplary service to your Fatherland.

We pray Allah, exalted is He, to forgive your shortcomings, ease your account before him, and admit you to Al-Jannah Firdaus.

Chief James Onanefe IboriGovernor of Delta State 1999-2007

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