Re: Verbal Assault On Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi By Femi Macaulay

By Uche Mark Nwosu

It has come to the notice of the Amaechi’s New Media Team, Abia State Chapter that an unguided and insensitive comment credited to Femi Macaulay, a political job seeker, was published on April 4, 2022, in The Nations and Vanguard Newspapers where Femi claimed that the Hon Minister of Transportation offered a self-righteous defense on the terror attack that happened on the Abuja-Kaduna rail route.

Unfortunately, the likes of Femi Macaulay would mortgage his conscience to the extent of playing politics with a national sympathetic situation.

At this point, what any right-thinking human being should be concerned about, is the safety of those kidnapped and how to console the bereaved, as well as the state and federal governments that is in deep loss of the affected citizens and the huge loss on the country’s infrastructure.

There was nothing wrong in Amaechi’s statement in his interview with the journalists — “that they knew what the problem would be. They knew they needed to have digital security equipment, they told them what they needed and applied for it…” what his statement simply means was that he envisaged such situation considering the security situation in the North, which informed his decision to formerly and duly informed the Federal Executive Council on the need for the country to acquire digital security equipment to monitor all the rail lines in the country.

The leaked minutes of the FEC meeting Femi referred to, proved that the Minister was right in his statement and also exonerated him from any form of blame. The contents of the minutes, clearly show that the delay in the approval was a result of misconception and bureaucratic process. If that was the case, Femi’s unguided utterance is needless and immaterial.

However, we are very much aware that Femi’s action was politically motivated because of the endorsements of the Hon Minister of Transportation for president by Nigerians and his intimidating political profile. What they failed to understand is that when the grace of God is upon one’s life, no matter how the enemies try to pull him down, they won’t succeed.

I, therefore, warn Femi and his sponsors to desist from such a wicked act before God’s anger rest on them.

Uche Mark Nwosu writes from Abia State