Relationship: Keeping Your Friends Until You Need Them

By Sunny Ozi-Akande

Do you realize that we are “naked without true friends”?

We may have all been betrayed by bad friends in the past but I can confidently tell you that there are still good ones!

Please note:
If at the moment, you don’t have friends who would encourage, comfort, and provide solid emotional support for you.

If you don’t have friends who would promptly arrange a free legal team for your freedom, or build a defence around you for safety against any harm.

In case you still don’t have a group of friends who would develop a roster where they would take turns to check on you and ensure you’re okay when you’re losing it emotionally, then, you are as good as “naked” !

If you are in the above category, be you a man or woman, a boy or a girl, please retrace your steps immediately.
Begin to rekindle with old friends with the aim of building a solid friendship base, leveraging on the following tips among many others:

1. Choose your friends wisely
~Ensure you have some things in common
~You may be good for him, but not him for you,
~Friendship is a Choice; Be responsible for your own choice
~You may meet by Chance, but let your friendship be by Choice

2. Be tolerant and patient with your friend
~Be prepared to take that shiit ..he’s your friend.
~He has the right to take you for granted; ..yes, if he’s truly your friend!

3. Forgive, Forgive and Forgive
Issues will certainly arise occasionally
Cooperate in resolving issues as they arise

When things go wrong, the extent of the pains that come with it is most times not necessarily determined by what went wrong, but rather, the way we react to it.

When you have issues with your friends.
~Avoid premeditated reactions
~Verify information properly before reacting
~Hinge not your reaction on past misgivings
~Channel your reactions more toward peace
~Try to Forgive, however, in order to guard yourself going forward, be guided with all the necessary lessons just learned.

4. Keep Friends that you’re proud of
~Know your friend very well
~Keep a friend who will do anything for you and will be there in anything you do
~You are your friend’s image mirror; Be his ambassador while ensuring he is the same for you
~Keep Friends who are happy with your achievement and never jealous or envious

5. Show Love, Care and Compassion
An ideal life is all about GOD, PEOPLE and SELF.
Most times we get so SELF-centered, that we ignore the interest of the PEOPLE in our lives while chasing after GOD’s miracles forgetting that GOD actually delivers all the help we need through PEOPLE.
The only way other people’s blessings can be delivered through us is by demonstration of Love, Care, and Compassion

It is noteworthy to mention that if we hold on to other people’s blessings, ours may never come speedily

6. Build Trust and Confidence
~Transparency and Honesty is key
~True friendship means you are able to count on one another.
By mutual commitment to confidentiality, your friend should be able to rely on you for honest advice over anything he might reveal to you about himself while looking forward to your sealed lips without ever venturing to use the same against him no matter the provocation.

7. Ensure mutual respect
~Allow healthy arguments for positive criticism
~Respect other people’s opinion
Positive criticism makes you a better person, so, please allow it.
~No one knows as much as he thinks, so, you can not be the only one that knows everything
~Your friend’s opinion may just be the superior argument needed, so please consider.

8. Pay the price
Don’t be selfish.
The only proof of Love in friendship is sacrifices.
Some of us only look forward to gaining from everyone we meet, thus, chasing after only what we can get and never bothered about what we can Give in return.

In the quest for personal satisfaction, we often get so inordinate that we can hardly do anything free for anyone.
Most times, we assign prices to what ordinarily, should be our own obligations to other PEOPLE while we keep benefiting from the same people; This is not right.

Please note:
Love is the nucleus of friendship and it can only be demonstrated through empathy, personal sacrifices, and show of compassion.

Where you’re too selfish to sacrifice for friendship, you’re only shooting yourself by the foot.
You’re not only foreclosing your chance of winning the hearts of the PEOPLE GOD may have deposited in your life to partner for your vision, but you’re also making it difficult to sustain your relationship with them.

I know you’ll say a Relationship is about “what is in it for me”
Yes, I agree with you, but like in any Relationship, Friendship shouldn’t be all about me, me, and me!

Every relationship should be for mutual benefit; You benefit, I benefit, We both benefit.

Never say “Oh no, he is a big man, what will I give him that can mean anything to him” No, never say that again!

Do you know that bigger and richer men appreciate and value little things from their less privileged friends even more than they do from their seemingly big and wealthy contemporaries?

Many of us have them as friends and rather than find ways of making them feel appreciated, some of us have simply turned them to our ATM without ever bothering about what we have to offer them on our own.
We sometimes inundate them with calls and demands in such a nuisance manner that they get so fed up that they sometimes ignore our calls.

I know you don’t have much, but have you tried fetching little little gifts for their children on their birthdays, weddings, and ceremonies?

In fact, when you’re able to do that occasionally, you’re actually doing it for yourself because apart from making the relationship more meaningful to him or her, their own payback could be quite unimaginable.

The point I’m making here is that, as you Receive, try to find a way of Giving in your own little way, no matter what.

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We are naked without friends.