Respect European Union Observatory Report And Reverse Wike’s Confirmation As Minister ~ Eze Tells Tinubu & Senate

Says Approving a Controversial Character With Dented Public Image to Hold Public Office will Further Deplete Public Confidence in Government

…. Describes Wike’s assumption that he Accepted to Serve in Tinubu’s Cabinet in the Interest of the Nation as Oblique Allusion

Erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party (nPDP) and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze says the nomination of former Rivers Governor, Nyesom Wike as Minister by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his subsequent screening and confirmation alongside 45 other nominees by the Senate is an affront on decency as facts on him do not qualify him as a character that merits such an office.

In a statement made available to media houses, the APC chieftain described as disappointing the refusal of the President to pay heed to several reports and fact-filled opinions on the none qualification of Wike to hold public office in today’s Nigeria, including security checks on him by the DSS which returned with damaging reports strong enough to earn him a place in the slammer.

According to the APC chieftain, the European Union(EU) Election Observatory report for the 2023 election singled out the former Governor for indictment over his deliberate disrespect and flagrant disobedience to extant laws coupled with his uncouth desperation and crude engagements which clearly ridiculed Nigeria’s global reputation and earned the country an electoral embarrassment.

“Such imposition at a time the country is struggling to redeem her electorally battered image and reclaim credibility within the international community is, to say the least, ridiculous”.

The APC Chief said Nigerians have set a target for the President and they know that given his antecedents which confirm his lack of the minimum record and character prescribed for people who should hold public offices in present day contemporary Nigeria, the former Rivers Governor whose eight-year term left a humongous legacy of misery, does not fit into the caliber of people needed to help the President meet the expectations and yearnings of Nigerians.

Recalling with sadness the antecedents of Wike during his miserable eight-year-reign as Governor Chief Eze noted that the ‘Treasure Base of the Nation’ could not attract any foreign inflow; not one all through his administration which solely depended on federal allocations from Abuja. The state recorded zero investment all through that period. He undermined all the basic areas that required attention to grow the state and only channeled energy to building 12 overhead bridges at very exorbitant costs and with great media fanfare; the biggest media show in the annals of history just to gain cheap popularity.

“What do you think of a man that bragged so much about overhead bridges as legacy projects in this era of technology? Aside those overhead bridges, he cannot point at anything as his achievement in office as Governor. The Mother and Child Hospital he built has been under lock and key many years after it was commissioned. That facility has not been able to diagnose a child of any ailment; what about the Peter Odili Cancer and Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Treatment Center? That place is being overtaken by grass. He scammed the state of so much money and I wonder what the EFCC is doing till this moment.”

Dismissing claims by the ex-Governor that he only accepted to serve in Tinubu’s cabinet in the interest of the nation and his strong dedication to Nigeria motivated him to embrace the role of minister, Eze said such self-serving assertion is customary to the former Rivers Governor and described his misstatement as an oblique allusion.

He said Wike lobbied and gave heavy kick-backs to emerge even when it was clear the President doesn’t want him. He did all of that to stay very close to power in order to protect his corrupt, nefarious practices and infractions while as Governor of Rivers State and not in the interest of the nation as he wants the world to believe.

Already he has a case with the anti-graft agency for the billions of naira he stole as Education Minister during the Jonathan administration. He bargained to refund the money and he was refunding N300 million monthly with Rivers money while as Governor. The records are there.

His acceptance to serve in an administration of a political party he once described as cancerous and the cause of all the major crisis facing the nation is to me both mischievous, unacceptable and a display of unusual desperation.

As much as I respect Wike for his sagacious and political wizardly, his letter to the PDP on why he accepted the ministerial offer is nothing but a preemptive strategy to douse off any negative reactions from the PDP.

Eze therefore called on the Senate and the DSS to redeem their images and distance themselves from the approvals accorded Wike’s nomination as refusal will mean the President is unconcerned about the integrity of his administration and is chiefly committed to rewarding corrupt persons for being fantastically corrupt.

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