Rivers APC Crisis: Eze Hails Worlu For Blowing The Lid On The Truth About 2015 Election

…Says ‘whistle-blower’ is a man of courage for revealing that Dakuku didn’t lose to Wike, but saboteurs within the party

…Expresses sympathy to those arranging peace parley with Abe, says it’s a fruitless venture as peace parley is now beyond Abe and Aguma

…Suggests ways out of the quagmire.

With the startling disclosure of some cloistered facts surrounding the dismally and depressingly gloomy outing of the All Progressives Congress in the 2015 elections and sundry matters by Dr. Gift Worlu, more credence appear to have been added to the revelations of the leading spokesman for the cause of justice in the All Progressives Congress; an erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP) and chieftain of the APC, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze.

Gift Worlu had recently divulged that those entrusted with funds and materials to execute the 2015 general elections on behalf of the party carefully and craftily sabotaged the All Progressives Congress APC and her leadership in the State just because of their hatred for Dr. Dakuku Peterside, who was elected to fly the flag of the party in the 2015 general elections.

Recall that Chief Eze had on several occasions brought similar facts to the fore and had been threatened, harassed, intimidated and called unprintable names for starting the obvious with the view to restoring sanity within the progressives fold.

The paradox but yet valid fact is that all those hobnobbing with Senator Magnus Abe are the clogs on the party’s wheel of progress and are responsible for the issues and challenges that crept into the lexicon of the Rivers APC, especially the woeful outing of the party during the 2015 elections, where some disgruntled elements who were fortunate enough to creep into the leadership cadre were conscripted into the bazaar of unjust ill-will, unfounded acrimony and groundless acts of sabotage.

Apart from Chief Allwell Onyesoh who have joined PDP formally after divulging that the choice of Dr. Dakuku Peterside instead of Senator Magnus Abe during the 2015 gubernatorial election was the reason that they are revolting against Dr. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi coupled with the first public speech of Hon. Igo Aguma after his horrendous Court ordination, where he alleged that the emergence of Dr. Dakuku Peterside as the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress in the 2015 general elections is one fundamental divisive factor in the party and coupled with various similar statements from Abe and his cohorts, the latest from Dr. Gift Worlu who was then the Ikwerre Local Government boss clearly shows that himself and his kid brother who was then Ward Chairman of the party, ensured that PDP won their political units and ward.

These are people ordinarily expected to marshal out the defense and plot the victory of the party in their domain but instead, they ensured that the opposition PDP had a field day in their various Units and Wards and laid the foundation of the current comatose state of APC in Rivers State

In his recent outburst while exchanging ideas with Barr. Dike Princewill the Voice of the Voiceless and the enfant terrible of Rivers State politics on why APC lost the 2015 general elections, Dr. Gift thundered and I quote, ” You Dike need to be a party member to know how things work. As Chairman, I gave over 40M to party leaders who just literally said waka and moved on. There reason? They didn’t believe in Dakuku Adol Peterside DAP’s candidacy. The money the party brought, I didn’t even see it let alone decide how it was spent. They brought a template and shared the money based on it. By the time money came, there was practically nothing anyone could do with it. Some folks just kept the money for personal use.

In 2015, some guys returned some of the money, not knowing what to do with it. I won’t tell all bcos I am pained remembering some of the things that happened. I have lost so much following CRA but God is alive. When you join party you will see better, right now you are a bit blind. Anyone who can speak truth so openly like me fear him, for he has sacrificed so much and means well. Have you seen APC stalwarts challenge me openly?”

Of course, who will challenge the truth about an obvious evil? a partner in evil who connived to plunged the party into a pool of crisis? Rivers is the only state where the party is not participating in the ongoing membership Registration and Revalidation excerise courtesy of Abe and his cohorts.

Eze in one of his statements where he dismissed comments credited by Sen. Abe through Igo Aguma, that the emergence of Dr. Dakuku Peterside as the party’s gubernatorial candidate in 2015 was one factor that resulted to the problems of the party, said “Aguma’s comment is just laughable as he was merely playing a script penned and handed him by satanic collaborators and conflict entrepreneurs who are hell-bent on wrecking the party and dimming the light of a rising national figure and former Rivers Governor, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi and other emerging personalities within the State.

Let me state unequivocally that the choice of Dakuku Peterside was never a mistake because he is stocked with all what it takes to make a good Governor and those who teamed up to dime him saw the magic he did when he held sway as Director General, NIMASA.

Not only did he make the country proud, Dakuku became the light of the African continent within the Maritime Sector. Indeed, he would have turned Rivers State into an Eldorado, but for the devices of satanic manipulators who conspired and sold posterity for a pot of porridge.

Eze reiterated that Senator Abe instigated the unending rivalry owing to his tumultuous and inordinate ambition which did not enjoy popular consent right from 2015 and not 2019 as many erroneous believe.

Eze postulated on how Peterside emerged as Consensus Candidate to fly the flag of APC during the 2015 general elections presenting two major factors favourable to his candidature: apart from his brilliance and ability to articulate and put into action his beliefs, “Rivers State APC by 2015 was divinely set up to address three principal injustices visited on some sections of the state. One of them was addressing the unjust situation of the Riverine areas of the state not occupying the seat of power since 1999, after the eight years of Dr. Peter Odili and the eight years of the then Governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi – all from the upland section of the state”.

“The second is the injustice meted on the Ogonis who have never been to produce a Governor, Deputy Governor or Speaker of the State House of Assembly since the creation of the State as far back as 1970”.

“The last injustice is that sighted in the South-East Senatorial Zone which has not had the opportunity to produce the Governor since the creation of the state; Rivers East having produced Dr. Odili while Rivers West produced Rt. Hon. Dr. Amaechi, leaving the South-East in the cooler”.

Eze stated that addressing the three major issues at the same time is impossible for the leadership of Rivers State APC and any human organisation because there can only be one governor who must come from a particular section of the state.

However the party leadership in its wisdom, achieved two of the three goals by conceding power to the South-East Senatorial Zone and also resolved to shift power from the upland to the riverine area of the state. This zone presented four great leaders in the persons of Most Distinguished Senator Magnus Abe, who was representing the zone in the upper chambers of the National Assembly then, Engr Tele Ikuru, the then Deputy Governor of Rivers State, Hon. Dr. Dakuku Peterside and Barr. George Feyi, the then Secretary to the Rivers State Government, among others.

Any of them so chosen will defeat whoever any other party presents as candidate in the 2015 elections. The party decided to address the riverine issue: Hon. Dr. Chief Dakuku Adol Peterside from the Riverine area of Opobo/Nkoro LGA and a member of the Federal House of Representatives and Chairman of the Committee on Petroleum Resources (Downstream) then who is a symbol of unity among the Ogoni, riverine and upland sections of the state, became generally accepted to fly the flag of the APC in the 2015 gubernatorial election in Rivers State.

From the standpoint of truth, this did not go down well with Abe and his cohorts who vowed to scuttle the chances of victory at the polls, and surely they did. Everyone who followed through events within the APC during the 2015 elections can attest to this as Dr. Worlu, Aguma and other have postulated

All efforts made by both Amaechi and the party to appease Abe since then even till now have proved abortive as Abe is hell bent to ensure that APC doesn’t exist in Rivers State in obedience to those sponsoring them so I sympathizer with those who are thinking of canvassing peace with this group who have gone so far in their devilish mission

The world can come to the realisation that the struggle for the soul of APC started as far back as 2014 and not 2019.

He, however, expressed delight that his warning in the last two years about how Senator Abe and his cohorts had been working against the unity and future of the Rivers APC, adding that now the Minister of Transportation, Rivers people as well as the national secretariat of the party has started coming to terms with his revelations that Abe had been working all along for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Governor Wike to frustrate the APC so that they can have a free ride at the polls.

“If some of these people had joined me all these while, Abe may have not succeeded to inflict the type of damage and pain he has inflicted on us all. All the signs to the motive and direction of Abe’s plots are very clear even to the blind. ‘If not me, nobody will fly the flag of APC in Rivers state’”, he said.

Eze finally stated that this struggle has gone beyond Abe and his cohorts as they are just mere paws in the hands of very powerful internal and external forces, so those who are contemplating any peace move with Abe should rather have a rethink as the former lawmaker is but a mere fief working for a powerful overlord.

Every negotiation should be channeled to the overlords and not a poor servant who acts only at the master’s command; like the saying goes, he who pays the piper detects the tone. If not, then the way out is to show them the exit door, continue dancing with them in the Court until they are formally disgraced or President Buhari intervenes.

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