Rivers Crisis: It Is Unruly, Wayward, Insensitive And Sheer Madness To Dish-out Threats Against Gov. Fubara ~ Eze

…Cautions Amaewhule, Other Wike’s Bootlickers
…Says Rivers Governor is Loyal to God, the Constitution of Nigeria and the People of Rivers State.

Erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party (nPDP) and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze has cautioned Bright Amaewhule, GDI Coordinator and others within his lowly cadre to relieve themselves of every burden of depraved inclinations propelling them to vulgarly abuse the exalted office of the Governor of Rivers State and accord some respects to the holder of the office, Sir Siminialayi Fubara, whose peaceful disposition all along appears to be mistaken for ignorance.

Reacting to a recent comment credited to Mr. Amaewhule wherein he was quoted as saying Rivers people should prepare for war, Eze said such cascade of uncanny vitriol qualifies the maker for an invitation from relevant security agencies for questioning and called on the Police to quickly wade-in to deter other merchants of crime, adding that no one should be allowed the monopoly of threats and political violence in Rivers State or anywhere else.

Excerpts from Amaewhule’s misdirected vituperation reads- “From tomorrow, we will be observing your supporters, we will be observing your followers. Any further attempts to insult the president of Nigeria, to insult our grand patron, Chief Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, then be ready for war, and you will pay the price.”

In a statement made available to the media, the APC Chief said it beats ones imagination that miscreants and minion operating in the guise of politics would gather the guts to dish out threats to a sitting Governor in a public forum without recourse to the legal implication of their careless misadventure and its effects on their rights as citizens in a bid simply to impress one overzealous political boss.

Eze commended Governor Fubara on his peaceful disposition but warned those mistaking his demeanor for cowardice and hinging on it to foment troubles to retrace their steps as the Governor reserves so much power to decisively deal with their insubordination.

Eze recalled Wike’s statement on Fubara thus “Fear those who doesn’t talk too much and try to undermine Governor Fubara because of his stature and background because if he decides to come after you, your name is sorry” I totally agree with Wike on this and for those threatening Fubara should take it easy and don’t provoke him to remember them because they may not find out easy.

Eze further highlighted that both IGP and other Security Agencies are fully aware of this threat and must not keep mute until some forces of darkness turns the state into a theatre of war.

On the continuous labelling of Governor Sim Fubara as an ingrate for not submitting himself to be ruled from outside the State, Eze noted the Governor is on a just cause and owes loyalty to God, the people of the state and the Nigerian Constitution and not to any individual anywhere.

Eze educated Chief Amaewhule stating that nobody is insulting WIKE but people are merely reproducing or restating what WIKE says about himself and undemocratic actions.

Eze further stated that it is not in doubt the role WIKE and his Loyalists played in getting Fubara elected as the Governor of Rivers State but to coerce the Governor to govern the State according to their biddings is the most wicked act against Rivers State and her people and this remains unacceptable.

“People should not misunderstand Governor Fubara on the role he has chosen on how to govern the State because God in his love towards Rivers State and her people resolved to adopt Fubara as a tool to rescue the State from the hands of those who have kept the State in perpetual darkness for thr past eight years or so.

You can imagine the difference between the present IGR of N27Billion to what was obtainable this past eight years. That is sheer wickedness.

Eze, again, called on President Tinubu not only to call WIKE and his boys to order but the IGP and other Security Agencies should ensure the arrest of anybody trying to foment trouble in Rivers State.

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