Sahara Reporters And Their Hidden Agenda On Dr. Pantami

By Abu Fatima

I sympathize with Nigeria. The underdevelopment has seriously impacted on the progress of our dear society. The repercussion is what we’re harvesting today.

Take it or leave it! Hausa/Fulani remains instrumental when it comes to the development of Nigeria. Always stands tall.

However, the indelible impressions of the North in the mind of Nigeria, make some cruel elements like, Sahara Reporters, try to victimize the outstanding figure, the Nigeria’s future, Dr Isa Ali Pantami, the present Communications Minister. They express their disapproval, or literally discouraging the young educated, energetic people like Dr. Pantami. If we can recall last year, Dr. Pantami in a written letter requested for the construction of some roads that link his state with other neighbouring states. Last week FEC approved seven billion (N7 Billion) additional funds for the construction of Cham in Gombe State to Numan in Adamawa State, being a Federal Road.

It has been a tradition in Nigeria. Whenever a person is greatly admired by people, sticks to bringing positive changes, must be hunted down. Why? Are we not humans? Why we Nigerians are always the immediate enemies of our own selves? We all understand that undesirable elements in Nigeria are eager to drag Dr. Pantami to join their boat tilting towards Bermuda triangle. Of which is impossible. Dr Pantami is unique, trusted and passionate for justice, equity and progress. He’s a strongman. A menial intimidation won’t make him bend. He won’t be silent on eradicating untidy state of things in this country. It is worrisome that the Sahara Reporters are too antagonistic towards the progress of this nation. Just because of their personal grudges with the Nigerian Government.putt

It is certain in Nigeria today, whoever wants to live in peace should either join the criminal political mindset or else be jeopardized. With all his unprecedented achievements at NITDA, which earn him the Ministerial position, you’ll hardly see any positive breaking news about him. Such as, “Dr Pantami unveils Innovation and Entrepreneurship training,” “Dr Pantami lunches NITDA academy,” “Nigerian ICT GDP under his supervision increases to so and so.” Etc. Never you will see this. But they can only be seen publishing unverified news, which is intentional. I recently read, on 26 June, 2020, that, “Nigeria Will Break Up If North Produces President In 2023.”And on 23rd May, 2020, “Zamfara Spends N2.9bn To Feed Muslim Faithful In the State During Ramadan.” I still read, “N55.2m To Buy Cows For Eid-Fitr Celebration.” Still I read, “Reject APC, PDP In 2023,” Arewa Consultative Youth Forum President, Yerima, Tells Nigerians, Describes Buhari As Failure.” “Muslim Cleric. “43, Rapes 5-year-old Girl Inside Mosque In Nigeria.” One can go on and on mentioning their unprofessionally fabricated reports.

I don’t even understand how and on what ground these trashes be called journalists? See their report on the death of Izala leader Sheikh Bala Lau. We’re not stupid like most of these commercial so-called journalists. We know that constructive criticism is important. Because, it provides success and corrective measures.In essence, we’re well aware that for any individual keen on making progressive efforts towards development should be ready to cope with all these nincompoops. But at least their stiff ears have to be warned. While Oga continues with the overriding mission, he remains the best Minister ever in the communications. And one of the best in history of Nigeria wholly. The public, most especially Nigerian youth should be conscious of the sentimental journalism practiced by Sahara Reporters.Lastly! Why we Nigerians seem to be lagging in terms of socio-economic development? Especially, my region north, is considered to have the highest rate of poverty and unemployment, least educated as well as more illiterates.

It is just because we lack leadership and always leaving a trusted, responsible and reliable person for unjust and unreliable ones. For instance, Sunusi Lamido Sunusi, Prof. Usman Yusuf former ES, NHIS and many more, have put to jeopardy, just because they have spoken the truth.

And now Dr. Pantami, seeing his potentials and youthful exuberance, they try to crash him down. I use this medium to urge Nigerians, particularly youth, to understand the truth behind all these illogical lies.

Ibrahim M. Muhammad (Abu Fatima)