Scarcity And Adulteration Fuel: Attempt To Sabotaged President Buhari Reforms In The Petroleum Sector

…….Commend GMD NNPC Ltd, Mele Kyari, for strategic intervention and continuous Supply of Petrol

………P-PESPI Says, the whole Adulterated Fuel debacle, looks more like an act of sabotage within the Importation system by Business Partners trying to edge each other.

Partners for Petroleum and Energy Sector Prosperity Initiative has condemned in strong terms, the recent calls from certain vested interests, groups, and the Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) for the resignation of the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited, Dr. Mele Kyari; for the current Scarcity and the issue of Off-Spec Fuel imported into the Country.

According to a press release on Saturday, 12th February 2022 signed by the Chairman, Partners for Petroleum and Energy Sector Prosperity Initiative ( P-PESPI), Lord Charles Ibiang, he said that the GMD of NNPC has shown ultimate good faith and has demonstrated that there is nothing to hide by his full disclosure of the true processes and position of NNPC as the Sole Importer, through the DSDP scheme or model guiding the pre-inspection and post-inspection of imported Petroleum Products into the Country.

This is unprecedented, indicating a leadership that is ready, willing, and ready to be accountable to the Nigeria People on the dirty fuel issues, the causes of current Queues at Filling Stations, and the strategic intervention of NNPC to remove the Off – Spec fuel from circulation. When has telling the truth to Nigerians, become a Crime? Kyari should rather be commended.

Every Business has its downside, as long as humans are concerned. The current problem of Adulterated Fuel may be an attempt by Business Partners to cut corners or pure sabotage.
There is no perfect system anywhere in the World, lapses and weak links are sometimes taken advantage of by scrupulous individuals, to undermine the Systems.
However, these breaches, are the ingredients that galvanize new thinking of building Institutional resilience to avert future Occurrences. NNPC Ltd, under Dr. Mele Kari, has risen to this challenging occasion by some of the proactive steps taken so far.

Firstly, NNPC and NMDPRA admitted the presence of “dirty fuel” in Circulation.
Secondly, they duly inform the public that the current queues in fuel Stations are a result of strategic intervention by NNPC to arrest further damage of the off-Spec fuel.
Thirdly, the full disclosure of the Companies involved in the Importation of the dirty fuel and declaration of an extensive probe into the crisis, to bringing the culprits to book and forestalling future Occurrences.

P-PESPI recalled that, in the recent past, the secrecy and Opaqueness in business practice at NNPC Ltd wouldn’t allow any disclosure so publicly.

Therefore, as citizens, when we see the commitment and patriotic Actions, we should commend the Leadership of NNPC Ltd under Mele Kyari, for its courage, Transparency, openness, Accountability, and integrity for raising to this challenging occasion and telling the truth.

P-PESPI as a critical industry-focused observer, that is aware of past happenings in the sector lauded the CEO of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited, Dr. Mele Kyari for revealing those that allegedly imported the poor spec and “Adulterated fuel” into the country.

The Emadep/Hyde/Maikifi/BRITTANIA-U Consortium companies have been in the business of importing PMS, Petrol, for some time now and have been in the Petroleum Sector for more than a decade.

The big question, to ask at this time is What has gone wrong? Why the whole scandal now? And the accusations and counter-accusations from the Consortium Partners after NNPC Ltd has revealed them? A thorough investigation will show, there is more to this whole Adulterated fuel that meets the Eyes.

P-PESPI wishes to state categorically, that the preliminary explanation of the GMD, NNPC, and that of the Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority, indicated that all agreed inspection protocol and necessary checks were duly followed and properly done.

It is standard practice, for inspection to be done at the port of load by specialized internationally recognized Inspectors and at the port of arrival in the Country by NNPC Ltd and downstream Regulatory Agency specialized internationally recognized Inspectors.

After all this prescript protocol, then the products are discharged into various platforms for onward distribution.
In between this process, there are huge Supply Chain Channels, of storage, distribution, transportation, and supply, to Filling Stations.

These in-country supply Chains can be exposed to compromise or susceptible to saboteurs within, who can or must have contaminated the imported fuel.

P-PESPI, equally observed the unfolding events in the Media, has expressed worry over the combative and non-reconciliatory responses from the members of the accused Consortium importers, shows frustrating grievances against the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited and one of their Partners, BRITTANIA-U.

Our conclusion on this line of thought is contained in the 3-page response from Emadeb/Hydel/AYMaikifi/Britania-U Consortium. Where it reveals that Emadeb/Hydel/AYMaikifi had serious issues of adherence to agreements with BRITTANIIA-U, and the desperation that Britania-U should be blamed shows a business relationship went soar!

We are just thinking aloud that, using the adulteration fuel crisis might be a hostile strategic business weapon to exit BRITTANIA-U from the consortium. The business world is full of sharks ready to devour each other. Just like War, everything is fair.

P-PESPI is In tandem with the directive of President Mohammadu Buhari, who doubles as Minister of Petroleum Resources, who have called for a full-blown probe into the Adulterated Fuel Saga. We call on detractors and concerned citizens to wait and suspend hasty judgment until the outcome of the Probe.

P-PESPI, implore the investigations to look into all variables, including the case of sabotage very seriously because the proper inspection and checks were done by NNPC on the imported fuel.

We believe that these companies have no reason to put their Investments and businesses at risk, this brazenly unless something is at stake!

P-PESPI therefore, stands in solidarity with GMD NNPC, Dr. Mele Kari, and declares that it’s premature and unnecessary to start calling for the Resignation of the GMD NNPC when investigations are not concluded and ongoing.

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