Social Dislocation, Decadence: Parental Care Is Key

By ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi

I am one of those who campaign against divorce. I always wish parents stayed together to raise their kids and give them the best they need to grow in all areas.

I meditate on cases and plead for amicable settlements of matrimonial causes, for peace to reign, and to have good homes in our country.

I urge parents to settle their differences as no human being is 100% perfect. Separation of parents has negative impacts on kids, which eventually contributes to social dislocation and decadence. Divorce should not be part of our social ego or a parameter to rate social status like what we see today.

It is an absurdity. However, I kick and campaign against domestic violence. No matter the tolerance you have, when violence sets in on either side, please walk away and be alive.

Walking away is an avoidance technique, and the avoidance method in conflict management doesn’t mean cowardice, but a step to rethink and make the right decision, which could save many calamities in your life. This technique can still produce reconciliation, and the marriage can still be sustained. Parental care is key and a blessing to a child’s success in life.

All religions have given you the clues and gimmicks to manage and have successful marriages, be wise.