Social Plus Africa Boss Turn 40

A man of good repute, God fearing, kind, compassionate, peace loving, hardworking, fearless…. All these and many more will be identified with the man JAMES MOMOH JIMOH.

He always wears a smile. A happy soul. Spreading humor and laughter wherever he goes. His presence in any gathering brings lots of happiness and laughter. His jokes have brought him good fortune and friendships.

His friends nicknamed him JOVIAL because of his happy and easy going nature.

Born on July 19th 1981, Mr JAMES is from Okene, Kogi State and is of Ebira descent.

Though from a humble background, he never believes in limitation and thinking small. He believes in “dream big and achieve big”.

His life is one shining example to young people (especially young boys) who see their backgrounds as a limitation.

If there is a force to reckon with, James Momoh is one of such individuals.

He continues to rise through hard work and dedication. He will not allow economic hardship stand on his way, he always believe and continue to rise.

His complete trust in God is his source of strength and inspiration.

As a humanitarian, he is passionate about helping the less privileged and homeless in the society.

He never deny help to anybody in need even if it means giving his last and all.

A dedicated husband and father. He is married with Chilldren

He believe in dreams and building dreams. He believes in starting small and growing big.

@ 40, MR JAMES MOMOH is the CEO of Social Plus Africa Communications Ltd and Chairman, Jovial Global Services Ltd respectively.

He will never allow his busy schedule stop him from attending church programs. For him, a life without God is a life without purpose and meaning. His dedication in his local church have generated lots of good will and he was appointed, Chairman, building committee.

He has received many awards for his dedication both local and international.

He is a Jerusalem Pilgrim. He traveled to the holy land to adore Jesus alongside other pilgrims.

He is a man of faith.
And his faith have continued to bring him good…….

May you continue to live long and prosper big amen.

You can learn more about Social Plus Africa Communications by visiting:
www.socialplusAfrica.com on YouTube SOCIAL PLUS AFRICA

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