March 21, 2023

SPECIAL FEATURE: Lessons, Blessings From The Story Of Christmas

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By Dr. Moses Paul. (Madmo)

Christmas is the story of birth and rebirth. A tale of liberation, transformation, and reformation. It is the season of beginning, of hope and faith. It is more, more than you have ever known or imagined. At Christmas, a seed is sown. It could be an idea, a project, a dream, or a gift from the enormous gifting of life, all garbed in organic / clay form, sometimes void of meaning or direction. And like Mary, bare of human validation. But, you must be ready to do all that is required for the journey – from sowing to dormancy to maturity to sprouting – to be successful. The fact that Mary went through the whole nine months is proof that miracles require your input. God works with you. This means you are a stakeholder in God’s project and your words and actions matter.

When God decides for a thing to happen and you speak against it, you can stop it. This is why God shut Zachariah’s mouth in an act of mercy. Zachariah knew all the reasons the pronouncements by the angel wouldn’t work and gave all the statistical evidence. The point must be made here that impossibility is not a thing with God. For though Mary was capable of birth and Elizabeth was incapable of the same, God arrived at their doorsteps and breathed life into their homes. So, whatever God says to you about the coming year, you are capable of receiving more. But, be wary of words and thoughts that may throw doubts at your breakthrough. Don’t be like King Herod who though knowing the promise from the scriptures sought to murder the child because the wise men were looking for a king other than himself. This scenario is worth our reflection as it reminds us that relevance is neither in size nor age.

God is not a magician. You must go through the process. Sometimes, the journey is treacherous and without taste. Yes, you can be upright in your walk with God and still live like a pauper, broken and barren. Didn’t the bible say that Zachariah and his wife, Elizabeth, were blameless before God? How come they were without a child almost all their life? Unlike the dogma of neo-pentecostalism, the walk with God is purpose-driven. Everything that events within is commandeered by his will. Often, it’s not only about what God says. It’s equally about what you do with your part of the deal. Your response matters. They must flow from the right questions. That is the only way you can get the right answers. Be vigilant!

Note the connection between Elizabeth and Mary, and between Jesus and John. The same applies to you and the people around you. You must find these connections and nurture them. God needed to send Christ to save humankind. So, he filled Mary’s womb. But, he needed another to introduce the saviour to mankind. He made Elizabeth fruitful. This means that your growth in life is connected to the growth of others. But, you must align these growths to reach an optimum effect/impact. This is why you must find the right people and keep a healthy cache of friends. It goes all the way to relationships and marriage. You must find the right hands to work with. This is necessary because of the enormous task/responsibility that God lays upon your shoulders with each gifting and blessing. For the most precious seed out of you is initiated by God. And note that what you can do, God will not do for you. You must make sure that what is yours to do is done.

The defining moment of your life is initiated by God. He is limitless, unhindered by age, gender, status, advantage, or disadvantage. He organizes natural and supernatural backups. Faith is essential to carry out His will. Mary said, ‘Be it unto me according to thy word.’ Always side up with God. Beyond the processes is God’s purpose. You are not a baby anymore. Therefore, go beyond the drama to purpose.

Merry Christmas!

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