Special Intervention Squad Was Initiated Before The Rampant Kidnapping In Abuja

By Adewole Kehinde

“Most people want security in this world, not liberty.” H. L. Mencken

I came across a news article titled “FCT Kidnappings: Special Intervention Squad Not Appropriate Response” by Development Diaries.

To correct the wrong assertion in the news report, the Special Intervention Squad was initiated in June 2023 by IGP Kayode Egbetokun as the Acting Inspector General of Police.

He announced the creation of a new Special Intervention Squad comprising 40,000 specially trained elite officers.

It is unfortunate that the Executive Director of the Rule of Law and Accountability Advocacy Centre (RULAAC), Okechukwu Nwanguma, could say, “‘This looks more like a knee-jerk response to the pressure on the IGP to rise to the occasion. I think there already exist so many tactical teams in the NPF that could do what this new team has been purportedly set up to do.”.

I would like to enlighten Okechukwu Nwanguma about the Special Intervention Squad (SIS) as follows:

The squad was formed by selecting officers from the pool of existing Police Mobile Force (PMF) personnel and all tactical units in the country.

These officers have undergone intensive pre-deployment training that has made them combat-ready for frontline operational duties in all the states of the Federation, with a particular focus on areas plagued with unrest and turmoil.

By pooling together, the expertise and experience of Police Mobile Force personnel and other tactical units, it has helped in establishing a formidable force that is well-equipped to handle the evolving challenges.

This dedicated force is already bolstering the capacity to respond swiftly and decisively to security threats, ensuring that the police presence is felt, and its response is effective in every corner of the country.

One thousand personnel from this new squad have been deployed to the Federal Capital Territory for immediate operations as standby intervention units, while more troubled spots or zones will receive the remaining officers out of the 40,000.

These officers are not performing routine police duties but are always housed and kept combat-ready, engaging in daily training in readiness for deployments to intercept and neutralize high-profile criminals and those terrorizing our communities.

They have been deployed to intervene rapidly and proactively in any situation necessary in their states of assignment.

All tactical commanders are involved in the process of identifying suitable candidates from within their respective units.

The special squad is different from already existing tactical teams because the SIS teams are specially trained and equipped with modern working facilities.

IGP Kayode Egbetokun is already matching words with action by addressing corruption issues within the police force, investing in modern technology for crime detection, and engaging in proactive measures to restore public trust and confidence in law enforcement.

The Special Intervention Squad (SIS) is the teeth the IGP needs to bite like a lion and wound criminals like a tiger.

It is high time critics supported the timely initiative of the IGP to strengthen the effectiveness of the police force and ensure a safer environment for all to live in.


Adewole Kehinde is the publisher of Swift Reporters and can be reached at 08166240846. E-mail: kennyadewole@gmail.com