Subsidy Removal: NUJ FCT Calls On Tinubu To Roll Out Palliatives

The Nigeria Union of Journalists, Federal Capital Territory (NUJ-FCT), Abuja, is concerned over the geometric rise in public transportation as a consequence of the removal of fuel subsidies.

According to a joint press release on Thursday, July 6, 2023, signed by the NUJ Ag. Chairman, Òsárétín Òsádébàmwén and Secretary of Council, Ochiaka Ugwu, said that not a few workers in the public and private sectors are challenged commuting daily to their workplaces, while others have abandoned their places of meagre earning due to their inability to finance their transportation.

The clamour for a better Nigeria is one coveted by all. While it may require sacrifices by all and sundry, it must not threaten the survival of the people.

Intra-city transportation has recorded as much as 150% rise in some cases, thereby eating deep into the earnings of most Nigerians.

Owing to the dire situation, the NUJ demands immediate intervention by the government to stave off the building of possible social tension and its attendant consequences.

For the NUJ-FCT, the immediate measure by the Federal government and the FCT Administration is the rollout of transport palliative to cover all intra-city routes to ameliorate the sufferings of Nigerians.

The Union recognizes the fact that President Bola Tinubu has kept one of his campaign promises to remove fuel subsidies and channel the revenue loss to other social welfare programmes, we believe that the provision of transport palliatives is an urgent intervention that will go a long way.