Successful Bayelsa PDP Primaries: Diri’s Mathematics

By Kola Oredipe

Mathematics is never a simple subject to a lot of people and that is for a fact. And to be successful in politics depends largely on abilities to solve many problematic equations.

The mathematics here is not the simple ‘Algebra’ but the very complex topic of ‘Integration’ which has to do with the management of different human characters and issues.

This truly requires deep experience in leadership, politics and crisis management to assuage various interests that would be at play while analyzing attitudes and loyalty of interested politicians.

In leadership, decisions must be taken and ahead of the recently concluded People’s Democratic Party (PDP) primaries, the leadership of the party at every level displayed tact while managing the processes of picking candidates either through consensus or real contest at the party primaries.

As the leader of the PDP, Gov. Diri successfully managed the processes of candidates selection in due consultations with various party stakeholders in the state.

And today, despite the joy of winners and pain of loss, everyone became a winner. The bulk of aspirants who lost at the primaries and those that emerged have commended the desterity and maturity displayed by the Gov. Diri in a widely acclaimed ‘most acceptable primaries” of the PDP in the State.

Again, in spite of his “underdog” status, Gov. Diri shocked the nay sayers with open display of calm and focus.

Governor Diri left party faithful wondering at how he wriggled out of a few of the political landmines that threatened the peaceful conduct of the primaries. They probably forgot that he had been long enough in politics to understand the intrigues.

They are also at a loss as to the temerity at which he pulled consensus through in some constituencies hitherto known to be contentious.Truly, he is a man who wants the best for his party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Bayelsa State.

With the near 100 per cent success achieved in the primaries for the State House of Assembly and the National Assembly, it is clear that only a man with immense capacity can pull that through without the usual brouhaha in the party.

Governor Douye Diri, has shown capacity and right leadership in steering the affairs of the party in Bayelsa State.

Even when faced with the hydra-headed issue of zoning in some locations, Senator Diri brought to bear a justifiable political solution. God’s directives were sought in some of the issues while the wisdom of ‘Solomon’ also prevailed in certain instances on what is ‘best’ in the given the circumstances.

Congratulating all the flag bearers of the party in the State, during a recent weekly State Executive Council meeting at Government House, Yenagoa, Governor Diri said it was interesting that the PDP recorded almost 100 per cent success in the management of its primary elections across the State.

He said the emergence of thirty-two flag bearers for the available legislative seats in the State covering 24 seats in the State House of Assembly, Five seats in the House of Representatives and three Senatorial seats, in a free, fair and transparent process was a strong indication that the PDP respects internal democracy.

The governor is confident the PDP will sweep the forthcoming legislative elections in the State.

This is the first time he is superintending over election process as a sitting governor and yes, he was unruffled in the face of tactical political manouvering.

Mathematics is one subject where one could easily score a 100 percent mark. This happens simply when the mathematical solutions presented all the stages of calculations before arriving at a final answer.

And in this PDP primaries in Bayelsa State, the governor has effectively managed the process with zero issue. He indeed, got the equations right and so, manifestly scored a 100 per cent! It is pure excellence on display.

Kola Oredipe, is the Director, New Media to the Bayelsa State Governor.

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