The 3P’s Of Pantami’s One Year Achievements

By Muib Shefiu

Setting and achieving goals are two herculean and interlocking tasks, one is ineffective without the other. In other words, the alliance or discord of the duo usually leads to the success or failure of any organization respectively.

Apparently, it seems the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy is more aware of the alliance than any other being because its will and passion to digitalise Nigeria have been fueled with different tactics and workforces to achieve the aim.

Evidently, the unflinching path to accomplish a digital Nigeria was set a year ago under the auspicious and honourable Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Ali Pantami and the route has been diligently and scrupulously trudged.

Surprisingly, one of the things that flabbergasted Nigerians was the way the ministry adjusted quickly to the e-World as if they knew beforehand that pandemic was on its way. In my article titled “Pantami, the Pace Setter” I explicated and commented on how the Ministry had unravelled thirty-three projects despite the pandemic.

Yet, the above projects are like needles in haystack compare to the seventy-two pages compendium of achievements released to marked the one year of the Ministry. It was indeed a job well done.
Having perused the pages severally, I have summarised the compendium into 3P’s of Projects, Problems and Policies.

The Ministry, in the last one year, had executed digital projects across the country. To mention but few; ICT innovation Hubs, Digital Skills for Entrepreneurs and Innovators, Community IT Training Centres, Tertiary Institution knowledge centres, school knowledge centres etc.

Also, the ministry had succeeded in solving a decade and three years problem of Right of Way which had impeded broadband penetration for donkey years. Not only that but also the erroneous act of destroying telecommunications’ equipment was also addressed by making it Critical National Infrastructure.

Likewise, the Ministry addressed the problem of improperly registered sim cards that have exposed millions of lives and properties to danger by deactivating 2.2 million sim cards.

The Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy also succeeded in numerous policies and strategies not to only promote the communication sector but to also assist the Digital Economy. To mention but few; National Digital Economy Policy & Strategy 2020-2030, National Broadband Plan 2020-2025, Sim card registration policy etc…

To this end, Dr Isa Ali Pantami under the Buhari’s administration has successfully paddled the canoe of the Ministry for a year, setting and breaking record unscathed. He has achieved in a year what many would have achieved in several years. We can not help but incur God’s protection on him and his Ministry for the task ahead. Keep up the good work Sir.

Muib Shefiu is a freelance writer, journalist and novelist. He can be reached on muibshefiu@gmail.com

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